Do you have the time to listen to me whine …

Dear To The Two-Faced Bitch Boss

In the mornings I get up at a very silly time just so that I can catch the only bus from FlatHickTown that will get me to the town, in which the place where I work is located, at a sensibly on-time time.  Usually this bus gets me to the town, in which the place where I work is located, just in time to catch a bus that then goes directly past the place where I work in the town in which it is located.  When this happens I am in work by nine, my official start time. 

However, there are times when my first bus gets in too late and I have to wait for the next bus.  The next bus is at nine.  This gets me to work at ten past.  Nobody cares.  You certainly don’t, or you never have before.  I always put the correct time on the signing-in-to-work sheet [that you use to check up on us, nothing else].  I’m always in time to be in the classroom before the Nutters come in after having their morning fag. 

I always leave work later than I should.  I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve left work at four [my official end-of-day time] since the beginning of the academic year.  I tend not to leave till quarter to five, and I work constantly between four, when I should leave, and that time. Also, I don’t smoke, so I don’t have the three or four fag breaks that others indulge in.  My half hour break that I’m entitled to each day [since I officially only get paid for six and a half hours]?  I’m sorry, but if you saw me sitting around for half an hour every afternoon you would go bonkers.  So I work instead.  You knew I couldn’t drive when you employed me.  You wanted me so much that it didn’t matter.  I don’t reap the same benefits as the other TAs.  My days are spent in the classroom constantly.  I don’t have the enjoyment of taking kids to golf, driving or guitar lessons and drinking tea whilst someone else teaches them. 

Yesterday my first bus got in on time for me to get the nine o’clock bus.  The nine o’clock bus was late.  It was beyond my control.  It was not my fault.  I had absolutely no say in the matter.  So I was late.  As soon as I knew I wouldn’t be in till after nine fifteen I phoned up and told reception.  You happened to be in my tutor base when I arrived.   The first time I’ve ever been that late, ever. 

You didn’t say anything then, and you could have done.   Instead you chose to email Ms Hippy, my line manager and ask her to have a word with me.  You told her that people had been grumbling about me being in late.  Once!  Once was I so late that it could have been a problem.  I know who grumbled.  And she’s a bitch too.  She’s like you.  She craves control. 

You’re both incredibly petty.  Incredibly.  You’re also both bullies.  Oh, and isn’t there something, somewhere, that categorically states that you should not employ members of your own family without them going through the whole application and interview procedure in the correct manner?  Let’s see … son, cousin, son’s girlfriend, son’s girlfriend’s brother, best friend … Hmmmm.

God, I wish I was going to Hell so I could see you burn baby, burn.

Love, Me.

[we had a meeting too about levels but that’s a whole other post sometime in the distant future.  all in all, i ended up with a splitting headache.  and i am fuming.  absolutely fuming.  i’m going out now.  i need to forget about this day … thanks for listening]

please God bless the buses xxx Elsabeth


  1. Clearly she’s been done for picking on a kid so now she’s had to turn her petty efforts to you. You’re so much better than she.Why is it that all the washed-up, bitter, twisted old hags end up working at schools? I wish I knew too… the only thing I can speculate is that it’s because they wouldn’t survive for ten minutes in a corporate environment. Fuck ’em (oooh I used a naughty word) all…(and the snitch and the hag sound so very much like the Headteacher at my old school)

  2. Don’t the people in and around the town, in which the place you work is located, have hands with several dozen fingers on? Or are you just paranoid…But enough tomfoolery, have some *hugs* and I’ll add a few more to your hugometer.ryc: shucks, I’m glad I manage to cheer you up.

  3. Ignore the evil bitch.  She is not worth it.  Really and truly.  I’m sorry you have to put up with that.  
    On the bright side you should be glad that you are not my kitty Moira.  She is extremely horny and all Gus seems to be able to figure out to do is climb on top… Poor girl she seems quite miserable and annoyed right now… I would be too after two days of that.
    Perhaps I should send my kitties to twofaceds four eyes out?

  4. I hope you had tons of Vodka…and to think they fucked with you when youre about to indulge in the monthly bitchiness lol  Petty workers should be fired!  I wish I could walk past them and kick them in the fun would THAT be??

  5. RYC: Don’t worry about sending repeats.  If I have one song on my computer and one on cd I can just play the cd in the car and everyone’s happy.

  6. *hug*
    They should sell idiot-repellant. I would buy you some for Christmas, so the mean evil people would leave you alone.

  7. stop asking me questions on xanga when you haven’t got an uptodate entry for me to write a reply!i’ll email you instead.stupid cold – blurgh.lewis.

  8. RYC: They wouldn’t be offended by my not saying Merry Christmas because if I didn’t say it they wouldn’t know I would have said it in the first place.

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