I’m Dreaming (of a politically correct holiday season) …

This afternoon I curled myself up on my bed and wrote out vast quantities of Christmas cards.  I did this until my hand ached, my head required caffeine, and my pussy begged to be tickled.  It means I have helped to destroy copious amounts of woodland, but heck.  Christmas comes but once a year.  And if you would like a card from me, feel free to email me your address.  I may not send you one, but hey! I’ll be able to stalk you.

I love Christmas.  I love everything about ChristmasChristmas is my favourite time of year and it has been since I was an ickle child.  For me Christmas means candle-light Carol services in draughty Methodist Churches, hugging people I haven’t seen for eons, making people smile by buying them gifts that I hope they’ll appreciate, not putting my Christmas tree / decorations up till the week before because I couldn’t bear to be immune to the fact that they’re there by the time Christmas morning comes along, nativity scenes with kids wearing tea-towels on their heads as they play shepherds.  I like seeing joy on people’s faces and hearing the squeals of delight as children bask in the glow of the Christmas lights. 

There’s been a lot of talk recently, not just on Xanga, but in the wider world, about taking the Christmas out of Christmas

If we want to be sure we don’t offend anyone why don’t we just ban Christmas?  And then we can ban everything else, all the other festivals that make all the religions / cultures in the world come alive. 

Ack, let’s just ban religion and force everybody throughout the world to follow the same ideals.  That way we can all be the little puppets that they want us to be.

On my high horse?  Not at all. 

Political correctness can be good, can be beneficial.  But there are extremes.  By all means celebrate this time of year in whatever way you wish, following whichever doctrine you follow.  But don’t take away the right of someone else to enjoy the commercialism that they have come to expect in Christmas.

I don’t believe we can ever embrace other cultures and traditions until we stop being scared of those other cultures and traditions.  And all this religious PC-ness seems, to me, to simply exist because we are scared. 

Excuse me, for I have waffled.

This post wasn’t going to be about Christmas at all.  It was going to be about my lack of sleep, play.com and the joyous occasion of my Mormon StepSister giving birth to Baby Number Six on Wednesday – she has three of each now and I hope she uses this as a guide to actually stop popping out the babies.  Six children before the age of thirty?  Goodness. 

please God bless the children as they wait in anticipation for Kris Kringle xxx Elsabeth


  1. If I told him off I’d get fired.  And I have no union.
    I see your point but I also think that there are lots of people (ie my boss) who think that what they celebrate is the only REAL thing and try to get everyone else to be that way as well.

  2. I think I would die if I had 6 kids!  Sounds like Logans little team mate on the hockey team.  one of 6…5 boys..one poor little girl (the youngest)  Shes one tough cookie!
    I was thinking to continue the REAL point of my post..but decided against it..Besides, I’m a tad hung-over …I think you said it well enough.  What’s funny  she wasn’t upset about my post until Paul said something…silly, no?

  3. Oh!  and RYN:  I always forget what the reference to pants means…. it’s not good – right? (or is it good?….)  I know pants ( and knickers )in the UK are what we call underpants or underwear in the US.  (and when we say pants, we mean trousers…..) 
    and a fag is still a cigarette, right? (and not a derogatory term for a gay male as it is used here in the US….)

  4. I have no problem with people’s celebration of Xmas, I just have problems with some of those same people’s expectation that everyone thinks the same way they do. Only a couple of weeks ago I overheard at work one woman’s absolute shock and awe that a [Jewish] lady wasn’t celebrating, and her total non-understanding of other points of view.

  5. ditto him above ^And what have Play.com done to annoy you? (assuming they have!) They seem to be losing a lot of customers lately (and cancelling accounts and things) due to abuse of a certain reflective tabloid’s promotion voucher scheme of a week or so ago… yours would be another name to add to the very-annoyed list (not that there is one, but there should be )

  6. Have you been digitally manipulating your nokillwillhug character?Were you on play.com for me?Aw, shucks. You’ve made me blush.Lewis, sniff.

  7. I love Christmas so I’m with you Katie……….and while Nifer said it was my comment that got that goof going on her site, I think she was boiling and was looking for anyone to send her over the edge, I need to find one not so easy to get all crazed!

  8. ryc: In the U.S., grades are percents out of 100. Saying I have a 98 is really 98%, which is a Good Thing. In my school, 100-90 = A, 89-80 = B, 79-70 = C, 69-67 = D, and 65 and below = F (failing). There are also plus and minuses (sp?). For example, a 98 would be an A+ and a 92 would be an A-. All A’s get you on high honor roll, which is also a Good Thing. Regular honor roll is A’s and B’s. I missed high honor roll by one class- physical education (gym). Hence my wish to crack skulls.
    There is also a thing called your GPA (Grade Point Average), the highest being a 4.0. I really don’t know much more than that about GPA’s because they only apply to high school and not elementary school, and I’m only in my first year of high school.
    And so concludes my not-so-detailed explanation of the American grading system. =P

  9. Ooooh, let’s card swop.  Incidentally, the London Community Gospel Choir is the week before Christmas.  Wanna come?  We are a bit vague on dates this year… ~x~

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