A little nonsense now and then is relished by the noblest men …

Well, at least we’re moving.
Yes, but we’re not actually getting anywhere …

[conversation between two voices in my head whilst on the bus yesterday morning]

My post has been eaten by some computer pixies.  They stole my words and chomped on them till little was left. 

I salvaged some tattered remnants of discarded nonsense …

… been terribly moody for the last couple of days …

… sexy tattoo boy on bus makes me quiver with …

… had a fight and I …. forgot how to restrain … resulting in …. Die! Die! …

… stomped to bed … sleep? … no intimacy …

… new job description makes me … weep … need to lash out … stop waking up so damn … Gah! …

Tomorrow maybe I’ll wake up and I’ll be mentally and emotionally stable … *girlish grin*

please God bless my head xxx Elsabeth


  1. Not nonsense, at all!
    RYC: You make a good point. Perhaps partying with his friends seems an easier transition out than stepping into the responsibilities of home ……………. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

  2. Evil pixies.
    Is Coraline good? I want to read something else by Neil Gaiman. I wasn’t impressed with Neverwhere, but I feel as if I should like him because he’s a friend of Tori Amos.

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