“‘Tis healthy to be sick sometimes.”

I almost phoned in sick this morning.  I slept so badly and felt so exhausted, both physically and mentally, that work seemed to be too much of a struggle.  But being the gal I am I forced myself in, only to bump into Little Boy Cheeky who told me he was on his way home because the boiler was broken. 

So, I had no guilty feelings when I myself left at eleven.  Especially since I’d done loads of photocopying and people think I’m wonderful.  I slept all afternoon only to awaken at about quarter to six convinced that it was morning and The Blokey had failed to wake me up in time to watch Enders and eat dinner. 

Silly moo. 

I ache everywhere, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.  I blame Mumsy.  I spoke to her on the phone on Friday and believe that she breathed her take-three-days-off-work germs down the phone-lines at me. 

My paper boy wants a Christmas bonus.  I know this because he shoved a [very cheap and tacky] Christmas card through the letter box along with the evening paper.  His name is Kevin.  He could just have scrawled Give Me Money on the paper and it would have been as subtle. 

There is no real reason for this post.  My mind is blank.  Instead of sympathy I would gladly accept donations to the Katiefinger Fund For Vodka. 

[not that I’m an alcoholic, but it is Christmas]

please God [don’t] bless the boiler at work xxx Elsabeth



  1. You have a paper boy? Are you sure? Does he actually slip a newspaper through your door?Give him the free CD from the weekend edition – that’ll keep him quiet (especially if it’s from the Mail on Sunday, which I know it is…)Lewis.Kevin? Are you sure?Photocopying?Boiler?

  2. Oh, yeah… I just love when the paperboy announces his existance right around Christmas with a card. Subtile is right…. Actually, we have a paper girl who is going out of her way to place the paper precisely on our doormat for the past week or so…(which explains why the paper is late every day now…)I don’t tip around the holidays as I don’t like to promote the once a year behavior. If he/she is doing a good job in mid summer, then I will give them a tip. (stubborn old(er) fool as I am….)

  3. I think something has to be wrong with the heat in my office as well…though the air condition in the summer never seems to stop making it cold in my office year round!  I do hope you begin to feel better though -you’ll just have to take the sympathy for I have no money to send for the vodka fund!

  4. *hug* Feel better, dear. =)
    Our paper boy (well, man, really) did not send us a Christmas card. He sent us an empty envelope with his address already written on it. Apparently, subtlety is a dying art form.

  5. Ah yes the yearly X-Mas card from the paper boy.  OUr’s never got a bonus because well they always sucked and often forgot to deliver the paper and always delivered it in the wrong place.  But, then we stopped getting it because we never read it and it was a waste…  But, I like your suggestion of him scrawling “Give me money” on the outside of the paper.  That would be funny. And I hope you feel better.  I’m sick too maybe it’s possible to spread germs through xanga….

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