I can remember when the air was clean and sex was dirty.

Timothy & Jill [the NotSoUglyStepSister]
Would like to invite
Katiefinger & Blokey
To share in their wedding day on
A Saturday in March
At the Mormon Church of a town in the Midlands.

That’s two weddings to enjoy next year then.  Can’t grumble at that.

[although at risk of sounding like a grumbling mare, i would question who is paying for this, her second wedding]

I fell asleep and dreamt of running my hands up and down Christopher Ecclestone’s salmon-pink shirt alluringly, in an effort to save the children.  Before I could undo his belt buckle – to convince him further, I suppose – I was rudely awakened by The Blokey, who had just arrived home.


please God, save the children xxx Elsabeth

*dashes off to watch The 4400*


  1. I would hope that she is paying for her own second wedding.  As far as I’m concerned (as a mother of 3 girls….) I will pay for only 1 wedding each.  I’m not rich!!!
    Humph!  How mean of the Blokey to wake you at that moment!  The least he could have done was to turn into Christopher Ecclestone, himself!

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