Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans …

We saw The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe on Wednesday.  It was good, if you could forgive them the mistake of choosing a Peter who can’t act very well, and some dodgy background scenes reminiscent of the 1960s and Disney.  Oh wait, it was a Disney production.  Oh, we have been spoilt by extreme expense productions [I’m thinking Lord of the Rings].

Mmmm, Mr Tumnus …

We went to a Christmas party in a swanky hotel on Thursday.  We got intoxicated at the expense of The Blokey’s company, and stayed in a posh [and obviously expensive] room [not at company expense].  I almost cleared my plate …

On Friday I was too hungover to concentrate on the Uno Championship that we indulged in [along with grapes and satsumas] during tutor time.  Thus, I lost.  And to think, I had been practising so hard.


We put up our Christmas tree …

… and as you can see, we chose the traditional white variation.

And this is my Tabatha-Cat, just a few minutes ago.  All the pictures I have of her are taken next to the settee.  Odd. 

Oh, and I had this email from TBB late on Friday night [or early on Saturday morning, depending on which way you look at it].  It will mean nothing to you, unless you’ve been watching this …

[begin email thingy]

mum’s just got back from her works do at the courtyard at marriott in ipswich gip … she was just about to leave when all the cadets turned up! and she stood next to charlie, but heck if she said anything to him.

oh, mothers. why don’t they have picture phones?

apparently all the actors were there, and johnny was meant to turn up,

but she didn’t see him.


Puny Nordic Robots

[/end email thingy]

What a blast.

I have been drinking

[Galaxy hot chocolate]

and it maketh me sleepy.

please God bless the swinger who sat next to me at breakfast in the hotel and said, so, are you into the diy scene? [talk about flummoxing me] xxx Elsabeth


  1. Since I have posted many pics of an empty plate that was full of goodies to eat, I was quite pleased to see yours!  Glad you had a fandangly good time!  Time to raise a toast to my English Host!  :)

  2. Yay lovely overpriced hotels.
    Awww, pretty kitty and tree!
    Hmph.  Shall have to remind Ashley that it was I who was responsible for the Flake.
    Got your email! I’ll send your present on Monday when the post office opens.

  3. Yay for celebrations, hangovers and posh do’s… if you can’t let your hair down at Christmas (and birthdays, nach)… when can you?!T-C is still very very cute (like she’d have got any less cute!!)

  4. Awww! Hello Tabatha cat! What pretty eyes you have!Is the white tree traditional to you? (or were you being funny?)We usually put up the ugly and obviously not real green tree in our house. (I refuse to replace it until it is worn out, however. I just can’t justify the expense….)

  5. Seems a bit strange that I’m writing this and you’re actually downstairs talking to Mum (and the Blokey is asleep on the sofa).Puny Nordic Robots – what’s that, if it’s not an anagram of Robyn Productions …. thanks, erm, very much for, erm, publishing my email.That cat is always behind the settee.Now go make me a cup of tea.Lewis TBB.

  6. That’s a lovely holiday tree you have there ::chuckle::  I’m not sure if the “traditional” white was facetious or not, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.  The traditional tree in our house involves trudging out in the snow with our trusty saw, and finding the perfect tree to lash to the roof of our car and drive back to civilization.
    Ahh, and the glory of high priced hotels… You make me wish I was somewhere being pampered right now

  7. I’m not sure if I want to see that film or not. Hmm.
    Tabatha is very beautiful. She makes me want to get cats, even though we’d probably be evicted if we did. Small price to pay, I reckon.

  8. Yes aren’t Company Work Parties fun… I’m going to write about the hubby’s soon.  Go see my new kittens!  They’re so cute.  And your Tabatha kitty is beautiful.  How does she like the Christmas tree?  Does she see it as a giant cat toy the way mine do?

  9. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen a near empty plate before, so thanks for the experience!
    And your tree is so pretty-it reminds me of White Christmas and snow! 
    Thanks for the card-yours should be there shortly!

  10. ryc: Not only did I get bad comments- the girl who was driving confronted me in school and nearly started a fight with me.

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