No one can resist the golden lasso – now remove my magic belt …

Yay!  It’s the holidays!

[and i didn’t get an embarrassing pink pussy in the secret santa, like last year]

Old Battleaxe Beattie next door was playing her music really loud for a whole hour this afternoon.  I wanted to go smack her, but fear that someone else may get there first.

TBB thinks I look like Wonder Woman.

*exits chuckling*

please God bless the two weeks I now have off xxx Elsabeth


  1. Just great…Im now singing ‘leaving on a jet plane’….we sang this my senior year in high school for choir.  gah!
    What did you get?

  2. *don’t know if I’ll be baaack agaaain*Crap. Now it’ll be in my head. I put your package in the mail yesterday. It’ll probably be February before you get it due to my choosing the cheapest service, but oh well.

  3. We’re suppose to know what music they like? Aren’t we suppose to just admire them afar and fail to miss all else?
    Try retaliating by playing something that gets on one’s nerves after a while–like annoying children songs—or Bollywood music. >=) Of course, Santa won’t give any points for such naughty behavior though!

  4. cute accents huh?  I always wondered what the brits thought of our accents.  I know they all go crazy for your accents over here.

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