No death comes to pass without making some impression …


‘Tis a morbid subject I know, more particularly at this time of year than any other mayhaps.  I apologise, but it’s been nagging at me.

It’s been on my mind a lot this year.  I suppose this started with the July bombings in London.  For some reason this really affected me.  Not just because it was in my country, on my own doorstep, in a city that I love.  No, it more was more to do with bringing the question of life to the forefront of my mind. 

How easily life can be extinguished. 

How woeful it is that one minute we could be doing what we always do, daily, happily, and the next minute we could be dead.  Gone.  The candle snuffed out.

And we wouldn’t know.

Death has scared me this year.  I’ve sat in cars, on trains, walked down the road, over bridges, thought I smelt burning in my own house, almost fallen down the stairs [again, I really ought to stop doing that] and death suddenly springs to my mind.  My death.  It happened last night, driving home in the dark on country lanes on the way home from King Kong [don’t go and see it if you’re scared of heights], seeing cars overtaking other cars in the distance, so close but yet too far to do any damage to me. 

It’s not the actual death I’m scared of.  It’s what happens to the people I leave behind, what happens to my memory, the effortlessness it takes for other people to continue with their lives, as though nothing happened. 

People continue to live.  Death is just a natural part of life. 

It makes me sad.  But especially at Christmas. 

[this post comes to you in memory of the little boy and his daddy from the next street, who lost their lives on tuesday night when their car left the road and was submerged in water … ]  

please God bless the mummy/wife of the little boy and his daddy, and bless everyone who has lost someone this year xxx Elsabeth


  1. How does one come up with an amusing, yet sensitive, response without appearing to be flippant? One keep one’s mouth shut, probably.Next, someone will say “Xmas is about new life”! *hides under table**hugs*

  2. It’s not until you experience it at close hand (grandparents, people you know) that it really hits home… and of course, as Christmas is a family time, it tends to make you reflect more. I caught that article about the father & son on our local news too, it was very sad…

  3. I’ve heard people say that we should rejoice as a loved one leaves this world to enter the next (assuming of course that this person is a Christian and going to heaven) and I have to say that I feel selfish b/c I don’t want to rejoice, I want to cry and miss my loved ones that have left me b/c I want them with me.  And It’s probably selfish also to want people to miss me and for me not to be forgotton but to have meant something to someone, to have touched there lives in a way that they could never forget me even if they tried.  I’m not scared of death either, I’m actually kind of excited at the thought of seeing Jesus face to face and to see my grandparents again, but I do want to make sure that I do all that I can to make my life as full as possible- which for me would be touching/helping/loving others and saring God’s love as well!

  4. I’m sorry to hear of your neighbor’s loss…. It’s hard enough to lose someone, but right before Christmas must be worse!
    RYN:  We only get a day for Christmas and then another day on New Year’s Day. (then a long stretch until Easter!)   I think my girls get about 8 days for their break… (I’m not sure when they go back, but most likely the Tuesday after the new year…)

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