“Do you do this for the glory?”

Christmas.  Over for another year.  Gone.  Finished.  Huzzah.

The jolly man in red brought presents [Absolut Vodka, perfume (Chanel No. 5, my favourite, please make a note), dvds, cds, scent bottles for one collection, a snow globe for another, a computer game, a Christmas hamper, tickets to the Jerry Springer Opera when it comes to town in April, a barbecue (not yet chosen, still in the shop), mugs and – not forgetting – a ring (white gold / diamonds / topaz)].  We forgot to take the prawns out of the freezer on Christmas Eve, so the starter for Christmas dinner became supper in the evening.  Bubbly wine with dinner, and vodka the rest of the day, made Katiefinger merry and red-cheeked, like Father Christmas.  Doctor Who made me giggle muchly, and gasp with pleasure. 

Boxing Day was spent at the Future in-Laws playing Trivial Pursuit, eating copious amounts of food, playing Sonic on the Blokey’s Little Brother’s new Nintendo DS [I want one, but then, I’m a Corporate Whore and I want everything] and drinking much vodka.

On Holiday Tuesday we woke up to a smattering of snow, which even the Buddha in the garden found to be amusing,


and braved the elements to visit the delightful village of my childhood, near the town of Gip, to be with my family.

I even have pictures, the bottom one of which is now my all-time favourite, for the time being and despite the fact that only Nephew William is actually in focus. 

[these are best viewed when bigger, and they get bigger when you click on them]


And the rest of the week?  Relaxation and plenty more vodka, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

I hope your days were joyful and inebriated too …

[please feel free to gasp with annoyance at the injustice of yet another self-indulgent post … ] 

please God bless my bloated belly xxx Elsabeth


  1. I guess that means you sleep naked, or was that number 9? I forget.I was going to get tickets for the same when it came to the same town, perhaps me going elsewhere would scare you less.*Admires his unopened 1 litre bottle of Latvian vodka and makes Katiefungus jealous*

  2. Aw, your family is so cute. Even Buddha.You’ve created a monster, by the way. I can’t stop listening to Robbie and all of the songs have been stuck in my head at some point. Muhahahahahaha.

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