Work saves us from three great evils: boredom, vice and need.

It always amazes me just how quickly the holidays fly by.  You snap your fingers and suddenly the presents are opened, the belly stuffed and the bruise you received sometime, somehow, on New Year’s Eve is finally fading. 

[and then you look at your wall and realise that the blokey’s kylie-january-2006 is looking vibrant and sassy, whilst busted-december-2005 look old and dejected, rotten to the core.  piffle, you need a new calendar.  is it unlucky to still have one from the previous year up?]

The decorations came down yesterday and the house seems empty without them.  Where once there were sparkles and cheeriness there’s now just a semi-blank canvas waiting to be filled with yet more trinkets and desirables, and a splodge or two of paint.

Work tomorrow.  Same job, but a little extra responsibility for a little extra in the pay-packet each month.  And the kids don’t come back till Monday so all will be fun and fandangly in the World of Work as displays get completed, the kettle gets found and new staff get acquainted with the oddity that is the Head of Centre.


please God bless the new term, may it be short and very sweet xxx Elsabeth


  1. Our house looks extremely bare too… well, apart from the bloody boxes *everywhere*….The kids ’round your way should count themselves lucky – my lot are back in Thursday (I too am back in tomorrow… booooooo)

  2. I haven’t taken my little tiny tree down yet (I’ve heard its bad luck, but I’m crossing my fingers against it)-I hope that you can find something to give your canvas that special sparkle. :)

  3. I don’t know what you’re talking about. What I do know is that Long Way Round is fucking excellent (mum nods head in agreement). We just finished watching the last three episodes, of ten, which aint bad going (1-10 in eight days, 45 mins each). I LOVE Ewan McGregor. Thank you lovely KT for a great present. I just wish we’d gone to see him in Guys n Dolls, like we said we would.Lewis, venting off some happy steam on someone else’s blog.

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