Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you …

I had itchy feet at work today.  Really itchy.  Perhaps it was simply a consequence of the terrible sleepless night I had, or the way that sometimes I feel as though I’m a second-rate citizen [what, only a teaching assistant – how worthless!], or maybe it was the conversation I had with Ms Hippy this afternoon [and I love Ms Hippy, I really truly do, she’s an amazing woman] which went something like this …

Katiefinger: *holds up printed piece of work* How about this then?
Ms Hippy: *ponders*
Katiefinger: No?
Ms Hippy: Well, those words need to be bigger …
Katiefinger: *frowns* Ok, but then it won’t all fit on.
Ms Hippy: Well, you could make those words smaller.
Katiefinger: *feels stupid*

Two minutes later …

Katiefinger: *holds up printed piece of work* Will this do?
Ms Hippy: *ponders* I’m not sure.  Here, let me have a go.
Katiefinger: *mumbles* why not just bloody do it yourself in the first place?

I don’t think she heard but I must have given off the impression that I wasn’t happy in other ways as she was quite apologetic and sweet afterwards.  One of the only problems of being a teaching assistant is having to remember that ultimately the classroom belongs to the teacher, even though it’s you who does all the displays and tidying and resourcing and everything, and so things really should be done the teacher’s way.

Ah well.

The itchy feet thought that remains prominent in my head is the one that went Oh my God, I really have to get out of here! – it seems that my two-year limit may almost have been reached, and this time a tad early.

Grumble, grumble.

Other conversations today included the one about how shite The Producers is, how the new teacher is a control freak and had [at the end of play today, just her second day] made a smattering of enemies, and how one of the new teaching assistant’s may feel immune to hard work because she’s related to someone higher up in the chain of command [she was heard to say, But I’m not like the other TAs!]. 

I believe that I’m all gossip-ed out now.

One final thing – don’t you feel silly when you go to wash the cups in the sink and the sink has disappeared, even though it was there just two hours earlier … ?

please God don’t let anyone from work read this and put two and two together, subsequently coming up with the right answer xxx Elsabeth



  1. The sink is always where it always was, so it’s hard to empathise with your feelings.I may go along with your knitting idea. I’d want to hide the shame of owning an iPod too, if I owned one, which I don’t.

  2. My sink is rarely there. 
    Ohh and no we normally dont eat on the rounds of grocery shopping LOL  It was 10 min before the store was closing and I was just starving!  So, no Im not one of those   and we did pay! I swear!

  3. My sister feels that way a lot. She’s the TA for two teachers and has to do a lot of the “grunt” work and of course things have to be done to their specifications- but I’ll tell you like I tell her- hang in there!  Of course she’s lookin to get out and get her master’s degree to be a librarian which for some reason make more money but work with the kids less.

  4. I lose my sink on a daily basis and dishes just sit there, I especially like it when the fruit flys come around asking when I will be leaving the food out because I forgot where the I put the pantry…..LOL..Lovely, sorry for being so snide, I am just in one of my gripe days!!…My lovely one was a TA too, but in a daycare, she was good at, but no one, not even the head teacher gave her credit, she is happier now that she is gone!!..Cheers..Tao

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