“If they can’t bring it off we might as well all pack up and go home … “

I know that I shouldn’t check my work emails at home.  Not because I’m not allowed to, but because work should be left in that building where work is done, with its wonky floors and boot shaped holes in the walls. 

But I do check my emails at home.  This comes from months of habit, which itself comes from knowing that the bus may be late in the mornings, resulting in me not getting into work in time to check my emails. 

Incidentally, I don’t have to get the bus anymore.  For the last ten days I’ve been the proud recipient of ten extra minutes in bed in the mornings, and Tabatha-Cat has been shocked to spy me coming in the front door an hour and a half earlier than normal, thus ruining her me-time

This is all down to some random conversation with one of the new TAs who knew that someone else drove through FlatHickTown on his way to, and from, work. 


I helped BridgetTheMidgetCleaner register with the TPS and told her about my lift. 

Oh yes, quoth she, I knew that he drove through FlatHickTownWhy didn’t you tell me? I pleaded.  I don’t know, laughed she.  Evil.

I miss the bus.  I miss the incessant chatter of Gay Boy.  I miss gazing at the tattoo’s on Tattoo Boy and dreaming naughty things about him.  I miss being squished against the window and turning the volume on my [pink mini] iPod up so that I can’t hear the grumbles of the Annoying One.  I miss the freedom of contemplation and the way I can be unsociable and nobody cares.

But I like the fact that I can now watch Neighbours every day if I want to.


[except on a Monday, which may still be Bus Night – a quick fix of all the things I miss]

I digress. 

I checked my work email just now.

Preliminary reports from The Inspector With The Dodgy Accent suggest that we are Good with Outstanding Features.  If you know the English education system you know this is an Excellent Result.


[well, we could hardly fail – imagine a place that is there for kids who fail in school failing in its efforts to stop them from failing – tsk!]

One week till half-term.

please God don’t let the students be too cocky this week xxx Elsabeth



  1. If I could get home an hour and a half early I’d jump for joy.  But still, I’m very lucky as it only takes me about 5 minutes to get home.
    Yay for getting good grades!

  2. I sometimes miss taking the bus to work, and even the forty-five minute walk I used to do every day, there and back. But I mustn’t grumble, as getting lifts is a good thing and I’m very grateful.
    Yay for the Ofsted result .

  3. I’m so glad your school did well in inspections! Huzzah! Also, as far as riding buses goes, you do get to feel kind of connected with the people you ride with. On the school bus in the mornings, I sit between Annoying 7th Grade Boy #1 and Annoying 7th Grade Boy #2, but I will kind of miss them when I graduate. haha.

  4. I’m so glad ya’ll got a good report!  Our project that was inspected last fall didn’t exactly get good marks but just having it over *huge sigh of relief* was enough for me!  (of course it wasn’t a project I directly inspect so that could have had something to do with it!)

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