Greed is a fat demon with a small mouth and whatever you feed it is never enough.

I would be quite happy if it was this time tomorrow.  It would mean that this half-term is over and I have a whole week off to look forward to.  Still, a day of keeping Boy With The Alcoholic Parents away from the Head [who really has it in for him, and makes it obvious], asking Cheery Admin Assistant about wedding cakes, playing imaginary Uno in an imaginary lesson with an imaginary student, and not singing Mr Raven with Another Boy Who Thinks I’m Coolest Of The Cool … then it will finally be over and I can relax.  

Breathe in …. breathe out. 


I still can’t get used to getting home an hour and a half earlier.  So this post is purely a filler-inner-waste-of-an-evening-er because all my chores are done …

Ignore the meme I found and got greedy enough to do …

1. Would you ever lead someone on if it was financially beneficial to you?
probably not, but i have done in the past.  it worked, a little, yet was emotionally draining and had no long-term benefits.

2. What’s the most expensive thing you own?
my [our] house.  then my [our] bed.  then my [definitely my] engagement ring.  yes, our bed cost more than my diamond.  but it’s a bloody good bed with a bloody tip-top mattress which is oh-so comfy.  come join us, but try not to get scratched by my spaaaarkly …

3. What’s more important, job satisfaction or a fat paycheck?
job satisfaction.  if it was only money i was interested in i’d still be teaching and therefore stressing.

4. How much money would it take for you to whore yourself out?
it would depend on the person to whom i was going to whore myself out.  if it was alan rickman then i wouldn’t take a penny.  i expect that i’d pay him.  if it was just any old joe bloggs then i’d expect some recompense for being so nice as to whore myself out to him. 

[apologies, i meant to say nothing; i would never whore myself out, i’m perfectly happy with not whoring myself out]

5. Would you be morally opposed to stealing something if you knew you could?
i’m supposed to say yes here, no?  i’d be too scared to steal anything now.  i have too much to lose.  however, i have stolen in the past.  it created a brief high and then a terrible feeling of guilt.  and it was in belgium.  which has nothing to do with it, really.  except that maybe it’s morally acceptable to steal from jewellery shops in belgium?  

[i was a bad uni student, very bad – but don’t hate the sinner, hate the sin ]

please God bless the sinner that i once was xxx Elsabeth


  1. I always thought that sin was a virtue and should be liked. But then I decided that I didn’t believe in sin, but I still liked it. I guess that means that I like you and what you did. Is sarcasm a sin?It’s nice to know that I can save my money now…

  2. speaking of whoring yourself out…did you see one of your list boys is engaged to mandy moore…so weird if you ask me. lol
    tomorrow is almost here! breeeeathe

  3. RYC: The compromise is that I didn’t want to go to that hotel…. Our bed was free, and therefore apart from my house and my diamond, I don’t know what is the most expensive thing I own. Which is strange.

  4. Yeah I too find I am too scared to steal anymore. Although I never stole jewelry just little stuff like pens or candy… BEd more expensive than ring? Must be an expensive bed!

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