In the beginning, God created man, but seeing him so feeble, He gave him the cat.

Oh, quit your moaning and just do this – we have to follow like sheep, where others have dared to tread first. 




So, I’m looking for some advice.  I need someone who understands / knows cats quite well.  Although we had a cat the whole time I was growing up I never actually experienced what I’m going through right now so I’m unsure of what to do.


Tabatha is a very picky cat.  She’s the proud owner of two litter trays and happily uses them, much to our delight.  The only time she won’t use one is when she’s already soiled it, even if she’s only had a trickle, and then she’ll use another particular spot [always the same place, not a biggy] or stick her bum out of the litter tray – not with peeing though, just with pooing.  This is why we have two, and generally this is enough to stop her soiling elsewhere.  She’s also always been very regular.  One poo and about three peeing sessions per day. 


Until yesterday.  Yesterday Miss Tabatha excelled herself.  In the past twenty-four hours she’s had about fifteen peeing sessions and three pooing ones.  I’ve been constantly changing her litter tray for her because it’s easier than having to clean up elsewhere.  Thank God I’m not at work this week – *shudders at the thought of stinking wee all over the house*.  Before I went to bed last night I made sure she had three litter trays and she still had to do her poo elsewhere because she pee’d in all three during the course of the night.  I was only in bed for six hours! 


I wondered if she had a bladder infection but everything on the Net claims that if she did she wouldn’t be using her litter tray as she would be associating it with pain.  She seems happy enough: she’s still washing, wanting affection, eating, purring,


[hey cat! are you drilling?]


drinking.  I haven’t changed her litter or her food to new brands and she only drinks water, of which she has plenty. 


I let her out earlier.  Ten minutes later she came running back inside in a desperate rush to get to the litter tray.  Practically half of my garden is gravel [ease of care, see, for those lazy non-green fingered gardeners like me] – it’s one giant bloody litter tray!  See [and see also the dirtiness of my dirty bedroom window] …





I don’t know how worried I should be.  As it came on so suddenly is it likely that it will clear up, of its own accord, just as suddenly?  How long should I wait before I take her to see the Vet [which she’ll hate because the only game she’ll play with other people is Hide & Please Don’t Seek Me, until they go away and leave her alone and she can jump happily into my lap again]? 


Ack yack. 


Oh yeh, Valentine says Happy!


As did The Blokey [but not the miserable chap who delivered them] …




Is it unlucky to receive thirteen roses in a dozen? 


please God bless my peeing cat xxx Elsabeth



  1. Baaaa!  I participated! 
    I have no idea what is going on with your kitty.   You answered all the questions that I would ask….
    I think I’d consider taking her to the vet (even if she will hate you for it) just to be sure there isn’t anything wrong…..
    And no, I don’t think there is anything unlucky about getting 13 roses! (How wonderful of the Blokey to think of you!)

  2. I’ve been a vet tech for several years and I can tell you that cats that are already finicky about their litter box habits will not suddenly start going everywhere when they have a UTI (urinary tract infection). Just like her not wanting to go in the garden – if YOU had an aversion to public restrooms, even if you were in pain you would do your best to get where you were the most comfortable.
    I would definatly try to take her to the vet and get a urinalysis. Try to request a free catch (make sure Tabatha has had plenty of water to drink before you go!) so the results may not be tainted if the needle catches any blood. If a urinalysis is inconclusive, consider bloodwork – there may be some high blood sugar, etc.
    Let us know what happens! Best of luck!

  3. It does sounds like a bladder infection.  I agree with waste..take her to the vet and make the blokey pay!  Do you know what my naughty cat did?  She would scratch a bunch of liter onto the floor than poo on the little pile she mustered up.  Thankfully she pee’d IN the box.  Nothing smells worse than cat pee…well maybe a few but..
    Happy V-Day to you.  13 is my grandma’s lucky number.  lives on 13th ave..has 13 in the numbers of her address…was married on the 13th ..and her 50th wedding anniversary was on the 13th.  there is more but I cant recall at the moment.

  4. Good lord. We have enough problems with poo at my house already, without a cat getting into the mix! Thankfully Roy has only ever been an adult cat since I have been around and doesn’t have litter boxes. So I can’t help at all, unfortunately. Maybe you can spread some kitty litter in a place in the garden?

  5. I did the Johari thing…and don’t be surprised to see it in my blog!  Poor Tabatha Cat, I asked one of the cat “experts” in my building and she said you might want to try changing the litter that you use first  b/c it could be that Tabatha doesn’t like that particular litter but if that doesn’t work you could also call the Vet and ask them about it.  Oh and CatExpert-2 is going to be talking to CatExpert-1 when she returns and when I hear what she has to say I’ll get back to you!!

  6. It is not uncommon for cats to refuse to poop in already used litter boxes.  We have a few that are the same.  Luckily the ones that are like this tell us in no uncertain terms when they would like the trays cleaned.  As for amount of urinating I would imagine that it is mush like peoples in that it varies on any given day.  Perhaps she is drinking more than normal?  It could be that she has a cold and is trying to get over it by drinking lots of water thus the extra urinating.  Although she could have a bladder infection.  I have had kitties with bladder infections or urinary tract and they have still used their litter box.  Does her vagina look swollen at all?  Oh another question does she cry as she goes potty like she’s in pain?  YOu said pooping also increased though and that wouldn’t happen with a bladder or vaginal infection I don’t think?  Unless it was just coincidence. 

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