Sometimes I happily walk along, oblivious to the world at large, humming a merry tune and thinking of baby deer and butterflies. 

Sometimes my world will suddenly come crashing down as my feet somehow become entangled one with the other, and I fall, haphazardly, onto the pavement. 

Sometimes the road home is empty, devoid of life both blood and metal.  But look! Yonder!  Two teeny squidgy people.  No, they saw nothing. 

Sometimes I pull myself up, glancing humiliatingly behind me, and brush myself down, wincing slightly as my poor grazed knee causes friction against my trousers.

And I rejoice that the powers-that-be saw fit to remove all life from the vicinity.

And I run home to tell the cat and everybody on Xanga.

Oh, it’s Tuesday.

Ten things I want but don’t need …

  1. a new iPod [or equivalent]
  2. new boots [sexy]
  3. a baby [or two, but apparently that’s my limit]
  4. cute nails
  5. to be seventeen again [because sometimes this grow’d up lark gets me all confused]
  6. to win the lottery [even a little, please – *raises puppy eyes heavenwards*]
  7. a laptop [all the cool kids have one]
  8. for the father to admit wrongfulness and give me lots of money because of it
  9. a cleaner [or at least someone to do the ironing that’s piling up]
  10. a magic wand [because when you have a magic wand you can do anything]

I must go stroke my pussy.

please God bless the things i want and let them come my way, but not all at once xxx Elsabeth


  1. My god, my list is just the same as yours!!!!!! but at the top i want a psp rather than an i pod!!!!
    ryc- i love confetti- i look every day!!! im having a smallish wedding too, and a buffet-totally aggree with not spending thousands!!! im having plastic wine glasses filled with pink chocolate hearts for the ladies and mini bottles of voddy/jack d for the lads
    think im going with the table naming…….

  2. ouchie on the fall!  I think Id like all of those things too..well minus the kids thing…I dont want anymore..well unless someone gave me one, but I certainly dont want to BE pregnant ever again. With number 6 we could get all of the things…even kids lol

  3. I liked your Ten for Tues. list. I added one to my page, too. Funny, I have three girls, but sometimes I think of having another baby. Not as strongly as really wanting one, though. Russell Crowe wound up on my list, however.

  4. I fall down all the time too. The other day I was walking over a foot bridge when my leg suddenly buckled and I fell in a kind of kneeling position. There were lots of students around and they seemed amused and/or baffled by it. Just a normal day, really.

  5. I fall every day in some sort of fashion.  Usually I just stumble over myself.  Hope your knee is ok.
    I want everything on your list and more.

  6. I almost fell down the stairs of my apartment yesterday morning cause I am a tripping falling somebody.  However unlike you there are always people around when I do! You’d think with my big feet I’d have some balance, perhaps I haven’t grown into them yet!

  7. I almost NEVER iron. I figure I can be wrinkly and nobody cares much. Unless it is a wedding or a funeral. And even then it is a toss up… Plus my clothes don’t usually seem to need it.

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