The cinema is not a slice of life, it’s a piece of cake …

Last night we went to the cinema.  This isn’t usually worthy of mentioning in a post as it’s something we do regularly, two or three times a month – more if it appears there’s a lot of splendid looking films awaiting a watching [yes, we’re geeky film buffs and proud of it].  However, I’ve read some absolutely dire reviews for the film Lucky Number Slevin and I’d like to gush forth with a rectifying statement.


It has everything – humour, twists, violence, love, trust, betrayal, good-looking minor actors, retro walls, guns, gangsters, gambles, chess, quirks … and it’s fast paced. 

Again, wow.

Don’t believe all the reviews you read [unless they say it’s splendidly super].

There were three young American chaps in the queue ahead of us. 

The first one paid with his credit card.  The second one also paid with his credit card.  The third one then paid with his credit card.  At this point I was getting quite irked.  Perhaps the concept of maybe one paying and the other two giving him the money is unheard of in other places.  They were bantering with the divvy lady behind the counter, and one proclaimed, Hey wow, you know we don’t have that technology in America [cue counter girl giggle]. Hey, you may laugh but we really don’t, we’re really backward [I’m assuming he was talking about Chip & Pin because each of them was having to actually sign (sheesh, that’s so old fashioned)], so without thinking I just said, a bit too loudly, And obviously you’ve never heard of cash in America … and then felt quite guilty when the third American gave me an apologetic smile. 

Despite being British I very much hate having to queue and will make others aware when they irk me.  It’s about the only time I ever complain in public.

And then I sat in the cinema feeling quite small because at least 50% of the adverts were American, and three of the four film trailers were for American films.  And the cinema is owned by a French company, or was.  I then decided the American chaps were probably quite within their rights to make me wait an extra five minutes in the queue. 

Of course, the really complex part of all this is that there were American chaps in ChavTown in the first place …

Wednesday is Bin Day in FlatHickTown.  Yesterday the bin men left a collection card calendar with every bin.  The back contains service guidelines.  One of these is:

Please leave your bin out for collection with the lid shut.  Bins with lids that are propped open with rubbish are difficult to empty as there is a health and safety danger of bin lids hitting the refuse collectors when they are handled.  If your bin is too heavy to be emptied safely …

Now, when I was little bin men were rugged and admired for their strength and endurance.  They actually had to come round the back of the house and carry the metal dustbin.  Now they refuse to come further then the edge of your property and all they have to do is drag the plastic wheelie bin. 

When did they become so feeble? 

Thank you God, for giving me the willpower to shut up now xxx Elsabeth


  1. RYC:  LOL, I first found that joke a few days ago, and today after I read it for like the fifth time I laughed and laughed…….you and I are pretty much in the same situation!  LOL

  2. LOL at the bin man experience!  Yes!  That is how it has turned here, too!  They used to come into the yard for the cans and I never heard a complaint about weight!  Now we have to be sure not to make them too heavy for them or they will leave them!  (the wimps!)
    We do have PIN numbers for our credit and debit cards here….. I wonder if they don’t work abroad…
    (although, I always use cash at the theater because I don’t think they take credit/debit cards at ours…..)

  3. Luckily there is a line at our theater specifically for Debit/credit cards so the only ones complaining will be the same people who have no cash!  Usually I go to the ATM before I go to the theater so I have cash- but I am one of those americans who more often than not uses my card! Please forgive me!  (oh and the big secret [haha] is that my cousin was asked to the prom, finally[long story]… and since she reads my site I wanted to give her a shout out but then realized that some of her friends read my site too and I didn’t want to embarass her too bad…though I think I failed on that account!)

  4. My friends and I do that all the time…one pays for all and then the others pay the one later. But then we also use plastic quite a bit too. It’s just so convenient. Do your bin men have the stipulation that the can must face a certain direction? Ours do. It’s crazy.

  5. hmm I wonder where they are from that they dont have it where they are…because here its fine..regardless…I agree, bring some damn cash to a movie! lol  I despise waiting in lines.  Disney World KILLS me!  Can you imagine the conversations we would have waiting in long annoying lines?  We might not make it out alive.

  6. ryc: You’d think that I wouldn’t need to worry about underwear on a first date, and you’d be right.  And I wouldn’t be, but he was the one who opened his mouth and uttered the immortal line “well, I know about all the rules for sex on the first date…” In a Californian accent, mark you.  And, apparently these rules revolve around underwear.  So, I do need to worry.  I think I’ve got something faintly presentable without being exciting or escaping from the top of my jeans.  I think I might wear the jeans that are held together on a belt loop with a safety pin.  Because they’re my favourites.

  7. It is true we have not heard of cash in America… well at least not in California. I cån’t speak for all those backwards states. I nearly never have cash on me. When I do have cash on me I worry. What if I get mugged? What if I pull it out and drop it? I just have gotten so used to never using it that having it is very strange for me now. And I tend to get upset at places that don’t take credit. So nope we never do use cash here. And yes I too resent the garbage men. I don’t understand why they are so helpless now. It’s rather sad.

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