Trust no one unless you have eaten much salt with him.

There was a chap who I briefly admired and respected for the brief moment that I briefly worked with him in Norwich.  But he’s been naughty.  And then my mind just starts doing overtime … who is the girl?  Was she in my tutor group?  Did I teach her?

Ah well. 

The world is not perfect today.

So I created some fun.

Here it is.

please God bless tomorrow for it is Friday xxx Elsabeth

[pssst – happy birthday Mumsy!  ssshhh years young tomorrow!]


  1. Teachers, Heads and Schools in general are really being hauled over the coals at the moment. We’ve had that case with the Head, another teacher on sexual assault charges, and today, supposedly the best school here is in trouble for employing a caretaker with a criminal past, because they didn’t wait for his CRB check to come through. Tsk, tsk…

  2. wow I really suck at knowing you LOL  I had flathick clicked then remembered you talking about Gip so much I changed it.  grrr
    I know of a person I graduated with that became a teacher and slept with a student.  She’s in jail..and is on the sexual offenders list for life.  She has to report her where abouts all the time and any neighborhood she goes to is alerted as well..gah!

  3. ACK! I was afraid to do the test, and then when I read the news story, I was like, 18? In NZ, it’s 16. But still, not something I’d like to see happen with anyone I know…

  4. I got three wrong but to be fair, one was really hard.  You ARE afraid of the phone. I know it.
    “perverting the course of justice”???? that sounds like something they just pulled out of nowhere.

  5. That must be creepy for you to know that about him now! Something is really wrong with some people. But what is “perverting the court of justice”? Is that because he was unshaven? And what was that thing they said he had on his head?

  6. I did good on your quiz. But, I admit there was much guessing. I was lucky. I only knew the job one without any doubt. Ånd I felt secure about the where you moved to one. The rest though… Those were some tough questions.

  7. That’s such a scary situation but unfortuantly it must be remembered that it could go both ways. Try the book “Salem Falls” by Jodi Picoult. Very interesting because it takes a different look at the topic.

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