My personality doesn’t interest me.

My Mumsy is wonderful.  And rather intuitive.  I survived the Joy of Work last week, just.  How I managed it I have no idea.  A little part of me would love to suddenly come down with some obvious illness so that I can indulge myself in bed for a day or two, but the obvious illness is going to everybody else and the only illness left for me is all in the mind.  I’m actually rather proud of myself.  I haven’t had a single day off work since Christmas.  This is a huge achievement for me and I plan on trying my best to keep a 100% record up to the Easter holidays – nine school days, only eight of which involve students …

[i say this purely to ensure i become obviously ill before the nine days are up … ]

But I was telling you how wonderful my Mumsy is.  I spoke to her on the phone over the weekend and, despite my best intentions, I think she realised that I’m currently feeling down.  She worries about me.  I’m so grateful to have a Mother who worries about me.  Yet because she worries, it just makes me worry more, because why is she worrying unless I really do sound like I’m depressed again, and if I am depressed and don’t do anything about it will I just slump again, into some dark abyss? 

Yeh, I’ll get over it.  Throw soft toys in my direction to cheer me up. 

I have had my True Self revealed. 

Isn’t it colourful?  And see that little blue rectangle in the bottom right of the image?  Yep, that’s my masculinity.  WooHoo, I’m feminine.  I was almost feminem, but that wouldn’t have made sense, unless you’re me and bopping as I am.  I think you’re supposed to wave your magic cursors over the image and it gives you insight.  You too can waste time and energy

In other totally random news I’m thinking of having my hair chopped off.  I currently have long hair [I say long, I mean just below shoulder length] and I had dreams of long flowing curls on my wedding day.  However, I wear my hair up all the time.  Not just all the time, but all the bloody time.  Yesterday I had a revelation.  I’m kidding myself.  I may want the long flowing curls, but I’m not some faery-tale princess sitting atop one hundred mattresses, waiting for Prince Bloody Charming to turn up on a white stallion and whisk me away from the uncomfortable pea.  And besides, I’m clever enough [it’s not often that I say that: make a note on your calendars] to know that I look much prettier with shorter hair 

[no, fcuk off, no photos]

so now all I need to do is find a style I like, one that will look pretty but require little maintenance, bearing in mind that I have kinky hair. 

Very kinky.


I have no patience to search for styles I like.

The Blokey is home.  I’m off for some cuddles.

please God bless my tatty hair xxx Elsabeth

PS: Oi, I said shortER not short.  Sheesh.  Feminist fuddin’ dyke, I think not …



  1. Ooooh, that’s a bit harsh from him. Short hair, on the right person, looks splendid. And go you my dear… if you’re tired of the dead stuff, go for the chop!I spent too many years with long hair, then a couple with much much shorter hair… and now it’s stuck in the middle.We definitely need a picture

  2. lol @ jasewaste  (I actually laughed out loud)  I’ve yet to run into a feminist dyke.
    so, you worry because your Mum worries?  Silly isnt it?  It’s okay, Id do the same thing.

  3. short is not always lesbianish.  Look I made up a word!    There are some cute fem cuts out there. So are we thinking medium rather than short?  Chin length?  Longer?  You sure you don’t want to wait until after the wedding?  That way you can be a fairy princess at the wedding?  I always get bored with my hair.  Currently I am growing it out again.  We’ll see how long that lasts.  But, I tell you growing it out is a good excuse for just not thinkingn about it. 

  4. Kinky hair.  How I know and love it.  I think I want six inches lopped off mine, and I need to read a hair magazine in order to reject all hairstyles therein.  I have an appointment on Saturday, and, like you, I’m fed up with it all flapping about the place and needing to be put in a ponytail. ~x~

  5. Why dont you keep the long (ish) hair for the wedding but put it up all curly and flowing but up out of the way.  Or go to the hairdresser and ask them what could they do with it for the wedding then if you dont like those styles blade 2 all over – it works for me

  6. I too look better with shorter hair. I grew my hair out last year just b/c I never had but when I chopped it off at least 5 inches if not more there was such a release…

  7. I’m apparently a generous artist.  Most of it was right about me but one or two things were iffy.
    I know all about kinky hair.  I’m the Queen O’ Kinky.

  8. ive always had long hair, and im growing it for the wedding too, its curly too so it will be kinda princess hair too. (or on me just like jordans! ) im no princess!
    i cant wait til after the wedding, im gonna have it chopped (not short short) but loads of colour in it!!!!! cant wait!

  9. I can’t believe I checked this out too late to do the test! I will have to lurk about online tomorrow to do it. Yay! A Test!I am too chicken to cut my hair. Waddya mean no photos? Damn…

  10. I used to have waist length hair but recently I’ve been cutting it shorter, to my shoulders…. It suits me. It’s very grown up. But I wear it back a lot too, like 99% of the time. I wonder why?

  11. In my experience, if you’ve looked into the abyss once and managed to pull yourself back – then it’s possible to do again and again, simply because you know you can.
    L xx

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