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I’ve known The Blokey for four years now.   Before we moved in together we spent countless weekends at each others childhood homes, forming relationships with The FutureInLaws.  I found this extremely hard, particularly since the serious relationships in my past had been dominated by Mother’s who believed I wasn’t good enough for their sons.  Pffft …

But The FutureInLaws have never actually met each other.  Oh, they came close once, last April, the day we bought the house.  Myself, Mumsy and The Baby Brother went to buy curtains and by the time we returned The Blokey’s family had been and gone.  Not before getting the gas on though, the stars. 

So what with yesterday being Mother’s Day, and the day before that being the FutureFatherInLaw’s birthday, we decided it might be nice to treat them to a meal in the Italian restaurant in ChavTown. 

Ah, one Woo Woo and two bottles of [free] house wine later and everybody was getting on brilliantly.  And they were all only [mainly] on lemonades so most of the alcohol ended up in my belly.  Nice! 

So, that’s one less thing to worry about before the wedding.  At least now they’ll recognise each other. 

And won’t somebody give me my hour back, please?  I’m bloody knackered.  And stop the wind from being so blustery – I have visions of the garden fence falling over and I don’t want to have to spend my evening looking at gnomes in various positions of strangeness [I must take a picture sometime] in BattleAxe Beattie’s garden. 

please God bless the gnomes who know not what fools they look xxx Elsabeth


  1. So if you dont like planes where are you going for your Honeymoon then?  The winds great as long as its behind you.  Ive been trying all day to have it behind me but I dont seem to be getting anywhere.

  2. That’s good that they all get along…my cousin and his fiance are not so lucky (they have a lot of ex’s and step-parents in the mix which add for a lot of drama in the near future)

  3. are there really a lot of garden gnomes in your part of the world?  now I’m thinking of that movie where someone has the gnomes in their yard…oh, I’ve lost the thought…oh, well….

  4. Goodness. What exciting things I’ve missed. Glad the introduction of parents went well. It’s always a danger.

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