Mr Boo and all the others too, the strangest people you’ve ever seen.

Because even I have days where I can’t think for myself …

1) When you were little what was your favourite TV show?
Pffft.  You expect me to remember that?  I liked the summer holidays because they showed the Red Hand Gang, Heidi and Silas.  I fell in lust with Huckleberry Finn and dreamt of being in Grange Hill.  I wanted a dog to enjoy adventures with so that I could call him The Littlest Hobo.  I wanted to live in Canada and be a Degrassi Street kid, but only briefly.  Oh, and Murdock from The A-Team tickled my fancy, whilst those pesky Californian Highway Patrol boys made me want to wear dark sunglasses.  Sometimes. 

[incidentally I caught a little bit of CHiPs this morning on the tellybox – damn, those pesky boys and their dull storylines do nothing for me as a grown up’d… ] 

Ivor the Engine was just too damn cute.  And of course there were others: The Flumps; Dungeons and Dragons; Bagpuss; Playschool; Mr Benn; The Smurfs; Wonder Woman; Dr Who; The Fall Guy … I loved them all.

See more here. And here.

I think I must have watched too much of the tellybox as a child, which is surprising because I have many memories of playing outside with bikes and trees, and woods and go-karts.  There must just have been a good balance between the two. 

2) What was your favourite film?
We didn’t really watch films when I was a nipper.  We didn’t even have a colour tellybox till I was ten, for goodness sake!  Obviously we did have a tellybox, albeit a black & white one, even though I vividly remember watching all of the above programmes in glorious colour.  I remember going to see ET, and it was a real treat because Mumsy had saved up for ever to be able to afford for us to all go together.  It was the last showing [I fear I may have romanticised the story by making this bit up, but I’m sure it’s true] at the ABC cinema [now non-existent, and beaten to a pulp by those horrid multi-screen affairs] in Gip, and we had to queue for ages and ages and ages, until finally there were only five seats left.  And there were three people in front of us.  And the Kindly Mother said we could go instead of her and her two nippers, but only because they’d been before.  Those were the days when you were guided to your seat by a Friendly Face and a torch … So, that was probably my favourite film when I was little. 

3) What is your favourite TV show currently?
Well, EastEnders silly.  And when Lost comes back on it’ll be that too.

4) What is the best film you have seen so far this year?
Probably Hostel, which we saw on Wednesday.  It was splattered with gore and violence, and very very exciting.  But only because I thoroughly enjoy the sort of films that could be reality for someone, somewhere.  Much like The Hills Have Eyes, which we saw a couple of weeks ago.  Oh, and Lucky Number Slevin was amazing.  I’m just far too easily pleased, and can never make my mind up.  Or maybe I just don’t do favourites. 

5) If someone was going to make a film or TV show about your life, who would play you and why?
Charlize Theron – she’s a fandangly actress and I like her hair in Æon Flux. 

There, that’s another Saturday afternoon wasted … and to think, I could have been weeding the front garden.  Tsk.

please God bless this meaningless post xxx Elsabeth


  1. I KNOW I watched too much tv.   I did go outside a little but mostly I stayed inside and read books, especially in later childhood.
    Wow.  I just noticed how much money you’ve saved so far by not smoking.  Go you!

  2. Bertha, lovely Bertha… you are a lovely machine… doo doo doo doo doodoo doo doodoo…Aye, I loved Bertha, I was such a sucker for technology, even as a kid…

  3. Saturdays are wonderful for doing nothing!  I’m going to England… it’s a ways away though in 2007!  I’m hoping Susie will also love to venture back…and perhaps I can meet you in person!  We’ll be mostly based in London but if memory serves correctly we traveled quite a bit around most of the country.

  4. Hugh, Pugh, Barney, Mcgrew, Cuthbert, Diggert & Grub or how ever it went.  Why didnt Windy Miller get their head chopped of as well when the windmill went round.  Battle of the Planets was my favorite.  God I wanted to be one of them.

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