This is my Jerry Springer moment …

Sometimes I’m amazingly proud of myself.  And oh! so grow’d up.  Not only do I have something that is beginning to resemble a front garden, so making us less of an embarrassment to the neighbours, but I also have a hole in the ground in the back garden ready for a washing line.  A real [rotary] washing line.  I just don’t have the washing line yet. 

Let’s get up early on Sunday, quoth I, and get some bits and pieces in B&Q.
Yes, let’s, replied The Blokey,  I need to go to Asda anyway to pick up the cheapest available copy, anywhere, of King Kong and their offer ends on Sunday.

So up we got, into the car we slid, and away we trundled.  It’s miles to the B&Q, but Homebase, Boots and Asda are all in the same place so we could get lots done. 

Oh look, DFS is closed.


So’s B&Q.

Oh feck! So’s Asda. 

Who shut the friggin’ shops just because it’s Easter Day!?  And we weren’t the only folk who were expecting the shops to be open.  There were loads of people driving in and then driving, shamefacedly, out, all trying not to look at each other. 


Since we arrived home I’ve already managed to trip up the stairs – hurting my thumb and dropping my camera in the process, sliced my knuckle on a tin of sliced carrots, dropped two potatoes into the sink which was full of soapy water, and attempted to eat my hair whilst testing the creaminess of the mashed potato.  I suspect that when I take my Shepherds Pie out of the oven I shall burn myself. 

On a brighter note we saw Jerry Springer, the Opera last night.  Unfortunately we missed the protesters – I was really looking forward to having a laugh at their expense.  I hadn’t seen it when it was on the tellybox last year so it was all new and fresh for me.  And it was very very funny.  I can’t see what all the fuss is about.  It’s a tragi-comedy that accurately reflects some parts of contemporary society.  Satan was quite cute.  As was the security fellow.  Because let’s be honest, I only go to see these things to look at the men …

WWJD?  I think he would sit watching it with a big grin on his cheeky chops.  And he would laugh out loud when the Ku Klux Klan start doing their jiggery jigging …

Just like I did.

please God bless the blokey’s little brother for buying us the tickets xxx Elsabeth


  1. Hey! Just an FYI – its actually illegal for trading types to open on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. Was part of the Sunday Trading Legislation to keep teh religious types happy because they didn’t want ANYTHING open on the Sabbath day… ‘cept the pub, ’cause, y’know, they needed SOMETHING to repent at confessional.I’m rambling.

  2. I expected Wal*Mart (which apparently owns Asda – I didn’t know that until about two weeks ago) to be closed today but my coworker called and they said they’d be open all weekend.  Heh. Shocking.

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  4. I was expecting everything to be closed…I recall in previous years everything shutting down.  That wasnt the case now.  EVerything was open.  I hope you took Pauls creative picture before you dropped it.  He might whine.

  5. don’t link to CV and SG and all his fundamentalist friends – go buy a USB flash drive wristband instead (they’re way cool).i’m only making this a comment because of the ‘resemble a front garden’ remark. although, who gives a toss about eprops anyway?it’s only LARGE shops that can’t open on Easter Sunday. i thought we’d told you that. bingo is allowed to thrive. have you played online?bah. i’m a stranger here. so toodle-oo…

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