Like, totally …

Last night we travelled into the Bicycle Capital of East Anglia and laughed at the wit of Dylan Moran.  We left with a satisfied feeling of joviality in the pits of our bellies, a red mug

[i don’t want to be the monster in this relationship anymore]

and a signed programme [to add to my ever-growing famous comedian memorabilia, which may come in useful one day when I’m poor and need some things to sell on eBay]. 

Oh, and the above picture, taken courtesy of my mobile [flashless] phone.

Of course, I spent the entire week leading up to this bemoaning the fact that I was going to miss the Eurovision Song Contest.  Bah!  I don’t think I’ve ever missed watching Eurovision live, complete with bottle of vodka in one hand and munchies in the other.  Thank goodness for hard drives in DVD-recorders that enable me to condense three hours worth of recording into an hour and a half, even if it did mean missing Terry’s dry humour.  I love Eurovision.  I love the way it makes me laugh, and the way certain countries always vote for other certain countries, and how it’s so obvious that nobody likes us [the United Kingdom] …

My main argument against us [the United Kingdom] being a part of Europe is the Eurovision Song Contest.  We’re just not like them. 


Thursday saw me miss the first seven housemates enter the Big Brother house.  Damn those Year 11s and their presentation evening, and their tears, and their cake, and their smelly parents.  Still, I’m all caught up now, and I love Pete.  Yes, I do.  Like some lovesick teenager. 

So, let’s see.  Eurovision is over for another year, Big Brother has started, the Year 11s have left, it’s almost half-term [one more week, one more week, one more week], I have a new England t-shirt in preparation for the World Cup, and it’s raining …

Summer is here.


Time to watch last nights episode of Doctor Who, methinks.

please God bless this quintessentially this-side-of-the-pond post xxx Elsabeth


  1. I need to dig out that Argentina shirt I bought for the England-Argie match in the last kicking-a-bag-of-wind-around-a-field-world-torunament thing, so I can wear it to work on match daze.Weren’t the Cybermen, like, totally sparkly (but not as good as they were when I was young enough to believe Mr Who was real)?

  2. I have a confession to make.
    I dislike most sports.  I can’t play any of them and most of them are boring to watch.
    But I will watch football/soccer with absolutely no problem.  I actually like it. I have no idea why.
    I do have a favorite footie player (Michael Owen) but to be honest I don’t know if he even still plays.  He did a commercial that aired in the US for a while (which is the only way I know him) and I found some info on him online but it was all old.
    I wonder why Big Brother is so much more popular in England than it is here. Hm.

  3. Big Brother’s supposed to start here sometime this summer, I think they are bringing back people from other ones so that should be interesting!
    Yay for summertime!

  4. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I haven’t see Dr. Who in years. I was a big fan when I was young. It might have been the thrill of watching Tom Baker carrying the female actresses by their breasts. (If you watch his episodes you’ll see everytime he had to caryy a woman his hand was on her breast. What a letch. LMAO ;) )

  5. When I think of Cambridge, I think of quaint little professors in houndstooth jackets. I also think of a former hot male professor from back in university who graduated from Cambridge. He was like Adam Levine at 40something or 40something.I’m assuming Eurovision is where American Idol came forth from?

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