Something beautiful will come your way …

Some of you may remember my disappointment a few months ago when we missed out on getting tickets to see Robbie Williams at Wembley.

Some of you may know that Wembley won’t be ready for September so the venue is now Milton Keynes. 

Some of you may have read that a few more dates had been added to the tour.

I didn’t know that last bit.

Cue conversation with a friend at work this afternoon …

Farm Girl: Hey, guess what?
Katiefinger: I don’t know, what?
Farm Girl: Oh my God, I have tickets to see Robbie in Milton Keynes in September! 
Katiefinger: Oh my God, you jammy bitch! [totally forgetting about the student in the room, perusing eBay]
Farm Girl: Oh my God, I know!
Katiefinger: I thought they were sold out? 
Farm Girl: Oh my God, so did I!  But Sarah got them yesterday!  There might still be some!
Katiefinger: Oh my God!
Katiefinger sends a text to Blokey who sends a text back within one minute asking which day she wants to go.  Katiefinger then has to go and support a maths class and Blokey has a meeting so all communication is lost.  After maths Katiefinger and Farm Girl find a quiet room with computer and search for tickets.  Katiefinger finally gets lucky.  She fills in all her details and her finger hovers over the ‘click me to see Robbie! click me to see Robbie!’ button …
Katiefinger: What if Blokey’s already got lucky?
Farm Girl: Well, it’s not like you won’t find someone to take them off your hands, is it!?

I’m going to see Robbie! 

*does a happy jiggy dance*

[Yes, for someone who is almost thirty-two years old, and should be behaving as such, I am far too easily excitable.  So, spank me … ]

please God bless my inner-child xxx Elsabeth


  1. You poor, poor sod…… you’re coming HERE????????[to stand in a field for a good few hours in September… rather you than I]Any Qs, shout my way…

  2. I’m jealous. And I say 99 year old people should be able to act as silly as they want…it’s their right. So you dance around and be as funky as you want.

  3. Yay how exciting!!! We’re only as old as we feel – and some days that’s an old woman with saggy boobs who can barely get around without the help of one of those scooter things- and some days it’s ten!! Woohoo! *waves hands around wildly and jumps up and down* 

  4. lucky you for getting tickets.  I tried getting the good mrs cant_decide tickets for london before but to no avail so your very lucky.  Are you watching Socceraid at the moment with Robbie in?

  5. LOL!!!  In answer to your question:  Because I live on this side of “the pond”, of course!! 
    You are exactly right about my having to wait!  Now it’s my turn!!!  
    It’s funny because I cannot imagine Hugh Laurie with a British accent – much less doing comedy!

  6. Excellent – congrats indeed! I’m off to see the Robster at Roundhay Park, Leeds :)Had tickets, but missed out on the big Knebworth gig cos I fell out of my shower the week before & cracked my ribs. So, yup, even straight 34y.o. blokes can get excited about September :DCheersCuth

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