A perpetual holiday is a good working definition of hell.

Ah, half-term.  How I love thee so.  I intend to enjoy this week off immensely, particularly as it brings the joy of knowing that once I return to work Monday week [by which time it’ll be June (already?)] there’s only about seven weeks till the school year comes to a close and I can laze around for six weeks. 

There’s a static caravan down in Kent [it belongs to The Future In-Laws] and it impatiently awaits our arrival.  It heralds a few days of Monopoly, castles, lots of alcohol, card games, reading, and a day trip to France [on the ferry no less – what’s the point of being able to see nothing in the Channel Tunnel?]. 

But oh-my God!  What about the Internet?

I have a confession to make.  I am horridly obsessed with Ancestry.co.uk … I dream of Upper Marsh Cottages, Edmonton.  I despair over lost ancestors who forget to appear in census’.  I fail to find it amusing when the [possible] reason my grandad’s auntie went to Canada as a Barnado Girl is [possibly] revealed to me.  I fear that I have inherited none of the ag. lab. [agricultural labour] / blacksmith / fishmonger / milliner skills that my ancestors should have passed down to me. 

To be away from the Internet will be bliss.  I should learn to leave people where they belong.

In the past. 



My Mumsy phoned me today and told me that she wants to be buried.  We’re so morbid in my family.  Of course, that wasn’t the reason she phoned me – the conversation just cropped up.  She slagged off Jehovah’s Witnesses so I scolded her.  Oh, we laughed. 

I think I need this break away from the daily grind of everything.  Some quality time with The Blokey.  If the sun shines maybe I can wear my brand new bright yellow sparkly bits flip-flops.  They’ll go well with nothing else I own in the clothing department.

I’m very much aware that I’m jabbering.  It’s partly because my throat feels as though there are sharp knives trying to cut their way out, and partly because I know that Tabatha-Cat has done smelly things in her litter tray and I’m wasting time before I have to clean it up.   

Mayhaps tonight I’ll win the lottery [and maybe that was a pig that just flew past my window].  I have a funny story about pigs, but I’ll save it for a rainy day … 

please God make the sun shine this week xxx Elsabeth


  1. You’re so lucky.. all we have basically is Canada and Mexico near by!Sounds like a great time.  Have a fabulous time.  Are you bringing Tabatha-Cat along?

  2. Enjoy your holiday! Though you will be greatly missed in Xanga Land. RYC: Oh goodness I hope not! I am so not ready for pregnancy and babies.. And yes she was the only teacher but there were lots of chaperones.

  3. For a minute, I read that you were wearing the flipflops with nothing else on. You aren’t… are you?Have a lovely time in Kent, and in France (mine’s Paul Masson white carafes please… 6 will do )

  4. I love Ancestry too, although I’m locked out of most of its censuses now and can’t afford a subscription, which is quite frustrating.
    Hope you have a lovely break.

  5. It’s funny that your mom woudl bring that up. I have been contemplating a post about what I want when I die. (There have been a lot of dreaths in my family of late.) I hope you have a good break. :)

  6. I envy you Miss Katiefinger. I envy your geographical vicinity to mainland Europe and the ability to take a train across the English channel to France and then somehow end up in Spain, Italy and Greece.Have fun!

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