Oh Timothy!

Sometimes I find it so embarrassing to admit that I’m English. 

Still, there’s always the World Cup

I don’t tend to tan.  Oh, I might go bright red.  But rarely do I seem to change colour quite as dramatically as some people.  I inherited The Father’s pale skin, and now I also have to remember that he suffered, albeit briefly and non-threateningly, from skin cancer. 

We must be so very thankful that the sun makes me run a mile [as well as giving me ridiculously bad headaches].

It amuses me then, to see that I have brown arms.  How do I know?  I have a white mark where my watch lives. 


Of course, stick me next to Ms. Tan-A-Lot and I’ll still be little more than a whiter shade of pale.


I do intend to spend much of my summer [when I’m not painting] sitting in my garden playing on my new toy [that I shall get for my birthday] and listening to my iPod [it’s not even worth mentioning the pink-mini bit, considering it’s SO out of date now … tsk] and hoping that I develop some sort of colour, so that come October I don’t look all pasty-faced in wedding pictures.  Heavens, can you imagine anything worse!

I’m more than willing to place money on it raining for most of the summer now …

please God bless me tomorrow as I wilt through boredom and get big headaches because of paint fumes at work xxx Elsabeth


  1. They have this new thing now…at least here in the states where we’re expected to turn into bronze goddesses in the summer…. it’s a tinted lotion you can buy at generic places (our equivalency of Tesco). I thought about getting the one that ‘gives skin a mosturized, rich golden glow’—because one was for tan to medium skin and the other is suppose to make you “golden.” It’s got hints of tanning lotion so it gradually tans (Turns you orange) instead of turning you immediately orange as with 100% tanning lotion. Then there’s the “highlighting lotion” which makes you glow–but when you look at the lotion, it’s got gold specs in it. Not very comfortable.

  2. Before I got married I had the same concern as I too am very white and don’t tan well. But, from experience I must tell you that there is something worse then being pale in wedding pictures… And that is being beat red and sun burnt!

  3. Nay I say!  Never be embarassed to be English!
    I’ll have to wear black or some other darker color than white at my (as yet nonexistent) wedding so I don’t just fade into the background.  I’d be a white splodge with brown hair.

  4. I burn whenever I’m in the sun it seems, but for some strange reason this year after I had burned and peeled a color not really brown but slightly darker than white appeared on my arms and legs.  Of course it could just be all the brown freckles/sun spots I’m seeing! Have an excellent weekend!

  5. I use tanning lotion because I cannot be bothered lying in the sun. It works! I prefer the spray, and I always use the stuff for light skin because then you can recover from ‘incidents’. RYC: Feel free to publish said list. On my site in my comments is fine! I consider it a public service.

  6. Being of  mixed Mexican and Irish descent, I have lucked into inheritting my father’s dark skin. So I tan when hanging Christmas Tree Lights. My mother on the other hand striaght up red headed Irishs and burns to a crisp when in the sun. I hope that you can coaxe a tad bit of color  into your skin for the wedding pictures, wouldn’t want you blending in with the dress. (I assume you aren’t having a leather wedding ).

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