Are you with me?

[I’m not obsessed … ]

Yesterday we were having our afternoon tea-break [Old Lady makes us tea and we drink it, even though The TwoFacedBitch Head doesn’t want us to drink tea because we should be working, although we shouldn’t be working because we work from nine till four and only get paid for six and a half hours – you do the maths] and I was listening to Them.  I couldn’t help listening to Them.  Even when They are in a different part of the building They can be heard.  I’m sure you have Them at work too. 

That was when I thought I was in Big Brother. 

Oh yes.  Katiefinger doesn’t dream about BB when she’s asleep.  She dreams about it when she’s awake.  It’s a very odd sensation, and not highly recommended.

Ever since then I’ve been unable to stop thinking about it.  This morning we were having SmartBoard training [why?] and I was thinking about it then, when I should have been listening.  This afternoon we were in maC learning about solution theory with some bubbly consultant [are you with me?] and I just had BB in my head.

[I’m not obsessed … ]

Surprisingly it’s actually been a rather good experience.  It’s made me think about myself, who I am, how other people may see me, what they don’t see.  It’s also made me work out how [and why] other people tick too. 

I’m the quiet and approachable housemate.  You smile when you pass me in the corridor and very gradually I let you into my world.  We’ll make small talk and eventually you’ll understand my sense of humour, and the professionalism with which I go about my job.  You’ll start to trust me and tell me how you feel about your colleagues.  I decide whether or not I can trust you and will only bitch about people I know you have no time for.  You’ll bitch to me about everybody because I make you feel comfortable, and I listen.

But I don’t tell them.  Oh no.  I tell the others instead.  I don’t know if they tell them.  Sometimes I don’t even care.

I like everybody.  I like everybody, except Them.  They are too loud, too self-indulgent.  They love themselves.  And each other.  They are perfect.  Really.  They have formed Their own little group and They play stupid games, and bully people in a way that makes it look as though They’re really being friendly.  You know.

They are the sort who get nominated early and get booted out by a crowd who want to throw rotten eggs.

But I still sit there and talk to Them, smiling sweetly, bitching about Them in my head.

Then I go and bitch to somebody else, and make it look like they bitched to me first.

I’m also the paranoid housemate.  All this bitching can only mean one thing, eh?  Everybody else is bitching about me …

I think I’m Lea.  And you all thought I was nice?

[But I’m not obsessed … ]

[Really … ]

Go Aisleyne!

please God bless my babbling xxx Elsabeth

NB: normality will be resumed soon.

Oh.  Go England!


  1. ahahaha  Do you get the live feed to BB?  ::ahem:::  because if you do….then you just might be obsessed.   So many people love the BB…I have never ever seen one single episode.  I haven’t a clue as to why either.
    ryc: lol I don’t think he’s gay but you never know.

  2. Well as long as the voices in your head are saying warm fuzzy things you will be alright, maybe, could be, I hope. Maybe you could seek help, NAAAAHHHH that would be a trifle boring. LOL. Have a great weekend Ducky!!!

  3. Paul IS obsessive..about a lot of things! LOL  Xanga being one of them.  If you decide to look at  your footprints it wouldnt be a secret  ahahaha

  4. RYC: It’s not the people I don’t know that worry me. After all I have no private info there so they can’t find out who I really am. What worries me is people I do know doing a search that could lead them to my xanga. I know before xanga lock my little sister found me by googling bengals. I like keeping it secret so I can write about anything with no repercusions…

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