Brain. Dead.

My brain is frazzled.  It needs sleep.  It thought that the holiday was for relaxation, but I’ve worn it out instead.  It desires some alone time.  It won’t get any just yet.  However, to show it that I mean no real harm I shall let it unwind with some simple questions [ … uh-oh, do we feel a teenage meme-type occasion?] …

What Did You Say!

1.  Have you ever been in a physical confrontation?  Care to elaborate?

Loads!  I would deliberately antagonise my siblings when I was a young teenager so that they would hit me, I had a fight with a friend in a nightclub, I hit a girl over the head with a telephone when GingerNuts first cheated on me and I was whacked round the face by a teenage stranger one dark night.  My relationship with The BullyBoy was a four year physical confrontation [sometimes I gave as good as I could (as opposed to as good as I got which was never going to happen)], with a few lovey-dovey moments. 

All this just seems to beg the question, why do you attract violence Elizabeth?

2.  The last physical confrontation you witnessed was?

A fight at work, between a couple of students rather than colleagues.  I don’t know what to do when it happens and feel like a right Mikey [plank].  I’ve had training, I’m supposed to be able to use restraining techniques, I’ve seen lots of kids in major fights, and yet I still freeze and panic when I see a scuffle.

3.  Yes or No. Is there someone whom you would secretly like to tell off?

Yes.  Snape.  With a fluffy whip.

4.  What is the longest time you have ever held a grudge?

Years.  I was an exceedingly bitter teenager.  Now I’m just exceedingly bitter. 

5.  Do you more often than not find yourself being taken advantage of?

Not really.  I’m easy to take advantage of in the sense that I don’t mind being taken advantage of.  It’s quite a useful trait to have really …

Ah, how mind-numbingly refreshing …

please God bless the photographer lady who forgot to show me her wares xxx Elsabeth


  1. This post reminds me of the song Kung Fu Fighting…….
    Everybody was kung-fu fightingThose cats were fast as lightningIn fact it was a little bit frightningBut they fought with expert timingThey were funky China men from funky ChinatownThey were chopping them up and they were chopping them downIt’s an ancient Chineese art and everybody knew their partFrom a feint into a slip, and kicking from the hip

  2. Ha. I don’t usually seem to mind when people take advantage of me either. I think it’s because, little do they know, I’m planning to get my revenge on them all in a spectacular way at some point in the future.

  3. I was taken of advantage of too much earlier in life and now I mind it very much. It is why I am not as sweet and nice as I used to be which I hate but need at the same time just to survive.

  4. RYC Its worrying, howlong until they ban all hand luggage.  Apparently Australia are thinking about it already.  I remember fights at school, they could be really violent at times and sometimes very one way.  Although I do remember when one of a lower years bully picked on one of the brainy kids and started on him and the brainy kid kicked the hell out of him.  Funnily enough the brainy kid then had much more respect from everyone but I like it when the small person wins and triumphants over evil or was that just Batfink…..

  5. My my..that’s alot of physical confrontation. I think it’s sometimes healthier to just get it out there in one go instead of  restraint followed by a lifetime of impenetrable vengeful grudgery. It’s sometimes healthy to get it all out of your system.

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