We experience moments absolutely free from worry. These brief respites are called panic.

Only nine days to go Elizabeth!
Yes, thank you Jolly New Year 10 Girl, I really had forgotten!

I’m fed up with people asking me if I’m excited.  I’m annoyed at myself for being too tired and too pissed off with work to really give them the satisfactory oooh-yes-clap-my-hands-in-glee-i’m-so-happy answer that they obviously want. 

Or perhaps I’m using work as an excuse … if I’ve got work occupying my mind then I’m less likely to spend my days worrying about what can go wrong.  And the nightmares!  Tsk.

I’m absolutely shattered.  Last night I thought I’d rest my weary head for half an hour whilst waiting for The Blokey to come home.  Three and a half hours later he woke me up.  This just meant that sleep was practically impossible later on.  Tonight I shall sleep well.

In theory.

I have a fair amount to do, but at least I have the weekend to myself.  The Blokey is off to maC with friends and male family members to enjoy steak and beer on a quiet and refrained stag night.  I plan on sleeping, admiring my dress [which we’ll pick up early on Saturday morning], sleeping again, wedding the front garden, wearing my shoes in, sleeping once more, making up my favours, cleaning the house from cobwebby top to dusty bottom … oh, and sleeping.  Again. 

Yeh, I’m starting to panic.

In fact, I feel sick.

It’s not the marriage part, or the ceremony, or the evening reception … it’s thinking that everything will go wrong: the photgrapher won’t turn up; I’ll oversleep; my hairdresser will oversleep; the car will get stuck in traffic between here and there [that’s your fault for saying there were roadworks everywhere between there and here]; the balloons will look rubbish; the flowers will be droopy; it will rain, heavily …

I have Thursday and Friday off work next week … I really wish I had the other three days too. 


[yes, I am aware that I shall be wedding the front garden – maybe the next day I’ll actually weed it]

please God bless me as i start to panic and worry xxx Elsabeth


  1. i was about to congratulate you on the jokey weeding slip, but i’m not going to as you decided to explain it at the end. only 1 eProp for you then.[edits out long pointless sentence ending with something about making a bed and having to lie in it and replaces it with a sentence that basically says the same thing, except within square brackets]mmm bed.night.

  2. Take a few breaths and realize that no matter what happens it only matters that you are happy with your man. Take care.

  3. it will be fine.
    i had loads go wrong on the run up and on the day it was perfect-like your day will be.
    Have fun and enjoy it!!!!!! make sure you do that. You only get this day once (hopefully!!)

  4. My mother repeated a very sage comment for each of my three sisters’ weddings–everything will come together and no one will notice if something doesn’t quite because everyone will be happy for you! 

  5. What’s the worst thing that could happen? A friend of S’s got married in August – and fell out of her wedding dress on the walk back down the aisle. It’s the only thing everyone remembers (to the point that people wrote about it in her memory book thing that she asked for notes from guests). It can’t get worse than that

  6. I don’t know if all of the “oh, this is what happenned at so and so’s wedding” will really help at not, but in my experience even the tiniest of disasters probably will occur, but only serves in the end to make the memories more endearing. My cousin’s wedding featured a small “pond” with floating candles and greenery surrounding it – you guessed it, a small fire. But everything was beautiful and in the end you just laugh at the things you can’t control and cherish the fact that you’ve made your commitment. *Hugs* I know it’s stressful. *hugs*

  7. Nervousness is natural. Chances are that if something does go wrong on the day that you won’t even notice. You will be in a complete daze. And the nightmares are normal too. I had the worst nightmares before getting married and everyone else I have ever talked to did as well. I swear being engaged is the hardest thing in the world. Your wedding will be wonderful and everything after that will be even better.

  8. Goodness. Is that why couples take honeymoons immediately after the wedding?The stress of preparation makes it so that you’re absolutely drained???For me, I think I’ll hold off on the bed. Two and a half grand on a bed can buy me rent in Turkey with a spankin’ view of the Blue Mosque for three months. Or a flat screen tv. It’s like MissMel said–how long would I stick around to get use out of it.

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