My Little Stalker.

Remember Angela? 

She’s coming to my evening reception.  She’s thirteen weeks pregnant.  She’s still with the chap who was far too old for her [which is a good thing].  She was even going to get married in Tobago in February, till she discovered the bun in the oven.

Bless her, she still sounds about thirteen [she’ll be twenty next year]. 

Remember Amsterdam?

We need recommendations.  So far we have the Cat Museum, Moeders and Gollem‘s.  We shall visit Anne Frank’s house [because her story has been a passion of mine since my Auntie Terri lent me the book when I was about nine (and I never returned it)] and the Van Gogh museum, the Rembrandthuis and the illuminated bridges at night.  We will look in windows in the Red Light District and maybe visit a Coffeeshop. 

I will buy clogs.  And wooden tulips. 

Heck, we may even have time to get round to all those newlyweds on honeymoon type things …

Remember Nice People?

Recently the news has been full of religion, and in particular ‘religious’ clothing.  From the Muslim veil wearing TA in Yorkshire, to the Christian cross wearing check-in worker at Heathrow airport … it’s all been getting rather heated.  I actually have no problem with Muslim women wearing veils [although I can recognise how the wearing of a full veil makes her job difficult], or Christian women wearing crosses.  I’m all for a healthy debate which enables people to acknowledge and understand the beliefs of other religions/cultures.  However, I’ve been absolutely horrified by some of the views that have been expressed at the TES Forum, ranging from “Personally if she insists on wearing she should be sacked! Sorry if that sounds harsh but i’m bloody fed up with people telling and demanding that they are free to do what they want in our country. If they choose to live here then they live by our rules“, and “What’s a Muslim doing going for an interview in a C of E school anyway?” to “If I was her I be very grateful that she is allowed to live and work here at all!” and “Has anyone thought about the security issue here? The veil could be a very good disguise for a potential terrorist, couldn’t it?” …

The religious divide in this country is widening and it’s not just the [2.7% of the population] Muslims at fault.  People scare me and they don’t even realise…

please God bless all people [except really scary people with scary views, whatever their religion] xxx Elsabeth


  1. Oooo!  You got in contact with Angela!  I’m so glad!
    I’m afraid that prejudice is wide spread….  It’s so sad that people are happy being ignorant about other religions instead of becoming more informed before they open their mouths…..
    I think a lot of these people would be surprised to learn of the similarities between the major religions of the world.

  2. I know I’d upset people by airing my views on veils and crosses and the like… so I shall keep schtum.Amsterdam… I’ve only been twice: once when 16 (and I so didn’t do it justice), and again for a fleeting visit when off to Rotterdam. Just don’t go to Rotterdam, is my advice

  3. Having never been to Amsterdam I can’t really give you advice except to tell you that if I were you, I’d do as much as I possibly could.
    As for the religion thing: People are naturally paranoid and the current state of the world only makes it worse.

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