I’m getting married in the morning …

Ding Dong! The bells are gonna chime.

  • final chat with florist, pay florist (by 14th)
  • final chat with balloon lady, pay balloon lady (by 17th)
  • final meeting at reception venue, pay reception venue (afternoon, 7th)
  • pay for cake (by 14th)
  • pay for car (send cheque by 7th)
  • pay for photographer (send cheque by 7th, or soon after)
  • burn music [Enya, Sigur Ros & the Rolling Stones] onto CD for wedding ceremony (by 7th)
  • contact registrar with details of music and readings for ceremony (by 7th)
  • go to Gip to get intoxicated (evening, 7th)
  • make cheque out for DiscoMan and put in safe place ready to give to BestMan on the day (by 21st)
  • cry (Tabatha’s fault)
  • panic
  • panic a little bit more
  • lose ability to breathe in sustainable manner
  • … and relax
  • clean house from top to bottom (by 20th)
  • make favours up (by 20th)
  • check on rings every so often
  • ring cattery to ask CatLady if Tabatha-Cat can be taken there out of hours (by 19th) (she’s gone)
  • find something blue (I shall paint my toenails)

    Looks like I’ll see you on the other side …

    please God bless my wedding even though it’s not in a religious place of worship, thank you muchly xxx Almost Mrs Blokey

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    1. I am very excited for you!!! It has been great to hear your process and know it isn’t just me. Let me know how the relaxing part goes wasn’t you ARE Mrs. Blokey! I cna’t wait to hear all about it. Thank you for your kind wishes as well. You were right, by next Saturday we shall both be married ladies.Congratulations!*Jen*

    2. Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh my gosh!
      You’re probably married right now, as it’s the late afternoon of the 21st here in NJ, so…congratulations! *ten million hugs* I hope this day was exactly how you wanted it to be, and I’m sure  you and the Blokey will be so happy! *squee!* You must come back with details and pictures, or I shall never forgive you. =P

    3. can i confirm (from having to both help you on with your shoes and then remove them at the end of the day) that your toenails were indeed painted blue.heck what are baby brothers for?you’re in amsterdam getting drunk and cultured, i know. ta’ra.

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