If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.

You have a busy day within a week that has been not-so busy.  Part of that busy day includes a lesson with the girl who you just can’t get to work.  Today you still can’t get her to work.  You manage to spend much of the lesson talking about work, but no actual work is achieved in a way that can be proven.

You don’t care.  She was recently released from a secure unit and has a history of violence.  She always smiles happily when she sees you.  You know that she uses diversion tactics, but you think this will work in your favour because you’ll win her round and eventually she’ll do some work for you. 

You leave work with a bounce in your step after the TA who has the girl [who you just can’t get to work] straight after you, comes to you and says, the girl who you just can’t get to work really likes you, as though it’s a really big thing.

And it is a really Big Thing.

And it makes you remember that you can make a difference and the future maybe doesn’t look quite so bleak now.

You just needed to share that … it will be something to look back on when everything at work gets you down again.

please God bless the girl who would probably stop her chav friends beating you up in a dark alley on a cold night xxx Elsabeth


  1. Oh my goodness where are my manners………You have beautiful penmanship!  Nice note, and if you keep writing nice thank you’s we might just keep sending gifts – NOT………But we were glad to have shared in the joy of your wedding!

  2. That’s always nice when you know you can make a difference to one person. Definitely a special thing. RYC: Thanks. I think everything is going to be okay now with that situation he just has a lot of healing to do.

  3. And that’s why we work in a school… the satisfaction of knowing that we make a difference, sometimes without even realising… Your background makes my eyes go funny….

  4. RYN: Well, actually, food is collected and given away to the needy so they can have a Thanksgiving feast as well…(and meals on future days, of course) Many churches and organizations collect food and neccesities weeks in advance to give out to those less fortunate. Christmas is a big day for giving to the less fortunate, as well.Thanksgiving isn’t just about eating a turkey dinner, but realizing all we have to be thankful for and helping out those who don’t have as much. It works both ways.

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