MySpace vs. Xanga.

I gave MySpace my Xanga post yesterday.  So today I shall delight you with a Myspace survey.



Myspace Survey
How long have you been on Myspace?a few months.
How did you find out about Myspace?um, i’m not entirely sure.
How often do you check your Myspace?if i said everyday would you consider me an imbecile?
How many friends do you have?ten, but i’m waiting on two. i’m a bit of a loner, even on myspace.
Is Tom still in your top 8?don’t be silly.
How often do you rearrange your top 8?i arranged it once, yesterday.
Do you ever clean out your friends list?i don’t have enough friends to have a purge. i’d look even lonelier.
Do you forward bulletins sent to you?no.
Do you create your own bulletins from things you find?no, that would make me some sort of freak with too much time on my hands.
Do you read all your bulletins?oh, you crack me up.
Did you take a picture of yourself just for Myspace?no, but there’s a thought …
How often do you change your Myspace layout?once.
Do you have a crush on anyone on Myspace?yeh. *blush*
Have you ever called anyone you met on Myspace?why would i want to do that?
Have you ever met anyone you met on Myspace?if you meet someone on myspace have you really already ‘met’ them? what i mean to say is, why have you used the verb ‘met’ twice in this question?
Have you fallen in love on Myspace?no. i’m not a teenager.
Have you ever wanted to quit Myspace?all the time baby, all the time.
What one thing would you add to Myspace?alan rickman.
What one thing could you never be without on Myspace?mathew horne.
What is the most annoying thing about Myspace?the teenagers. for chrissakes, those damn teenagers.
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MySpace makes me laugh.  The ‘ordinary’ folk are surrounded by teenage hormones that zip, zap and zop from profile to profile and once you’ve bypassed these you’re confronted by pretend-celebs and their stupid [oh-so very fucking] stupid fans.  I love you, I love you! they bleat like little lambs.  Dull little gullible lambs. 

I would like to create a celebrity profile.  I’m still considering which celebrity though. 


Is it illegal to do that?  I just want to wind people up, tease them, entice them.  And then drop them.  Hard.  So that they shatter rather than bounce.  Maybe I’m just evil.  Sometimes evil is fun.

Who’s with me?

please God bless MySpace and the joy it brings into my little heart xxx Elsabeth


  1. Yup, I’m with you. I often wondered what it’d be like to create a celeb’s profile… mostly to see how gullible the little’uns are…Yet as much as I dislike MySpace, I can’t stay away from it…..

  2. You are so hilarious!  I enjoy connecting with people from high school and people from Winston and that was the initial intent of my joining, however now I find myself browsing through and spending more time on it than I should.  But xanga will definitly be the blogging place for me!

  3. somebody invited me to myspace the other day and i’ve been on it ever since. wonder who that was. it’s great for finding old friends who have unwittingly put in their full names – i had a message from someone i lost touch with about ten years ago. actually, i don’t mind it as much as i thought i would. it’s a dumbass windows-oriented site with a very confused layout, plus it’s a murdoch venture, but at least it’s not as snobbish as xanga, it’s easier to “make friends” or tend to old ones, and it’s nice to play slideshows and music (although – i might be a dimwit here and not know how to turn it off – i get annoyed when i’ve got myspace and itunes blaring out at the same time).kudossbr

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