Time of the Month.

Oh, I am so very very proud of myself.  And also incredibly frustrated. 

The proudness comes in the form of completing 8% of the Sudoku puzzles on my NintendoDSLite [guess who got Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training, How Old Is Your Brain? (mine is currently 39) for Christmas?] despite my dyscalculia and my apparent lack of logicalness. However, the frustration comes from being unable to complete any more of the Sudoku puzzles.  Humpf. 

It seems I have peaked in the Sudoku stakes. 

I arrived at work on Wednesday to discover an email [sent only to important people, not me] proclaiming that I am to be the Teaching Assistant not only for Ms. Hippy/English, but also for Maths, the works skills ‘team’, and the Pastoral People [who are worshipped by the TwoFacedBitch, even though the rest of the staff find them arrogant and lacking in team spirit].  This hasn’t been discussed with me.  On top of this I am ‘teaching’ fifteen 1-1 lessons of English [most of it GCSE], plus a dash of ICT and a bit of something else.  There are also countless meetings to attend and cover for ill members of staff.  I am obviously Wonder Woman, and therefore would be grateful if you would all treat me accordingly.

I never check my work emails at home.  But I did just now.  The kids only came back on Thursday.  My timetable has already changed three times.  Oh well.  C’est la vie, eh?

I am now going back to never checking my work emails at home.  I don’t get paid enough to worry about it.  Of course, the standard response to that is, but goodness, you obviously shouldn’t be working here if you’re not dedicated to checking your emails at home – you really should question your commitment to the position

F*ck Off.

Also, I can’t stop listening to Justin Timberlake’s SexyBack.  Help me, please!  And The Blokey has a sore mouth and is doing the ‘man thing’, and the cat won’t go outside to poo because of a little bit of wind/rain, and it’s always me who has to make the bed, and as soon as I clean up the place becomes a mess again …

Oh, my bloody massacre is due.  Could you guess?

please God, bless this coming week at work and if you want me to suffer an illness for a couple of days then that’s fine, thanks xxx Elsabeth


  1. Wonder Woman huh?  Definitely sounds like it to me.  Sorry about the kitty poo, the cleaning and the bloody masacre… Not fun. RYC: Thank you. 

  2. Squeee!  C received Brain age for Christmas!  That is so neat, isn’t it?  My current brain age is 27 (It was 60-something when I started out…) but L has me beat with 20 (*grumbles*).  I do better in the 20 calculations and 100 calculations than they do, but they have me beat in head count and low to high…. 
    (*hums tune to Wonder Woman*)
    RYN:  I do feel loved!  (especially since the person who sponsored my premium obviously doesn’t know me in real life!)

  3. What is this Sudoku? It was splattered all over Barnes and Nobles at the puzzles section of the bookstore.
    Well at least you get to see your bloody massacre monthly, which means you’re healthy. Celebrate it. You’re lucky.
    You have every right to listen to Sexy Back. When did he get so sexy? or is it when he finally put on a suit and started growing a

  4. Hey, I’m glad you stopped by. That post I did was mostly cynical in nature. I don’t believe Pat Robertson or really any of those types. It’s hard to get my trust. And I’m exactly four days older than you are.

  5. RYN: I don’t think she noticed that I disliked her – I’m pretty good with the poker face… (thank goodness!) I’m usually like you are! I like most people right away – or at least have no reason to dislike them… This is really bothering me!

  6. i can do a diablo sudoku puzzle (ultra difficult level mac widget) in 9 minutes. Hard 7 minutes. Medium 5 minutes. Easy 4 minutes. They’re not as easy as the ones in the books/newspapers. and, in any case, i’m just showing off.i have to keep my ibook in the office and not in my bedroom just in case i have the urge to knock one out late at night.because it’s knackering,bloody massacres.sbr…

  7. ryc:  Had I preferred it he would have moved out instead… But, then I would have had no way to pay the rent and all the bills.  I don’t make enough on my own and he does.  But, he is planning on moving out soon also, like in a month hopefuly. We’ll see though.

  8. Oh bless your heart…My sister went through that, where they told her she was to help this teacher (whom she didn’t like) instead of the teachers she was currently helping and with which she got on famously. 
    RYC: My sister is very excited!  But also, the wedding is April 28 so not a lot of time to plan!

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