“The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind, The answer is blowin’ in the wind”

“Oh for goodness sake, it’s only a bit of wind.  I don’t know what you’re all excited about.” [a student at work yesterday, whilst the lights flickered and some staff moved their cars out of the path of the big chomping willow as it looked like it might decide to uproot itself]

So, it’s been a tad windy. 

The area directly outside my front door is the windiest place in England.  It is, truly.  I know this because when the wind blows it’s impossible for me to find my keys in my magically big bag as it sways back and forth.  Not to mention the way that I get blown about myself, which plays havoc with my hair.  And oddly, my back garden is the least windy place in England.  I know this because yesterday none of my garden furniture moved.  And I have cheap plastic garden furniture that ought to be blown away across the sky to some distant land. 

Tabatha-Cat didn’t blow away either, when I let her out.  This was a Good Thing. 

I dislike the wind.  When it’s windy I worry constantly about the fence falling down in the back garden [I shouldn’t worry, it’s BattleAxe Beattie’s boundary so she’d have to replace it, but still …], the wheelie bins going on a rampage down the street, the gate ending up in the pond, lorries falling over and crushing me … So you can imagine my horror at the windiness that was yesterday.  And if you have no idea what I’m talking about because you’ve been either a) asleep, or b) in some foreign land where you don’t care what is happening in the rest of the world, then you can click here

Of course, being the old fogey that I am, I remember the storm of October 1987.  I remember it mainly because we didn’t have to go to school the next day.  And because my French exchange student pen-pal person, Gwenaelle, seemed totally unphased by the whole shebangle.  That’s the French for you, with their Devil may care attitude.  If I remember rightly we all got the bus to Gip only to find the swimming pool closed.  Or was it open?  Who knows. 

Who cares.

Maybe next week it will snow.  Real snow, not the light dusting we seem to get most years that lasts for half an hour.  I want the sort of snow that makes people panic and gives me at least two days off work.  Yes, I would like some time off work …

Let us pray.

please God bless the souls of the folks who died in the storms xxx Elsabeth

[Oh, and Tash the Tuneful, if you’re reading this you might like to know that your Xanga is set to the Age Verifier thingy.  That’s not a Good Thing because … *shrug*, who knows.  But still, you might not be aware and I’m doing my Xangly-fangly duty in telling you so that i can start to read it again without giving xanga my credit card details.]


  1. Wind is scary stuff.  And a bit annoying when my hair is fixed just so!  However when I used to work in the tobacco fields as a child in the hot summer sun, I would wish and pray for the wind to visit my face and cool me off!
    Good luck with the snow wishing!

  2. I remember the Storm of 1987.  I was convinced the tree outside my room was going to blow into it.  I nearly got blown away myself (but then I weighed about 3 stone, so this wasn’t entirely improbable). ~x~

  3. Sorry I left you. Hope all is forgiven.  I promise to never do it again.  And…thanks to you I now have a favorite store. 
    We finally got snow in the past 2 weeks…which is odd since we normally have snow from end of Nov until April.

  4. Hello, Looks like you may get your chance of snow this week now that the wind has settled down.  How cold is it now!!!!  At least its not cold and raining (yet anyway) as thats horrid.  One of our fence panels fell down last Thursday due to the wind which was fun at the weekend.  I remember those storms of 1987, or as the weatherman said “it wont be windy tonight” – was that Michael Fish that announced that and does he still do the weather.  Maybe he was blown away in the storm.  I remember getting up to do my paperround (I was 14), I went down one road that had a wall to deliver the papers and when I came back the wall had gone.  Mrs C’s aunt last week had a caravan down on the coast that apparently one side has been blown clean off!!  Anyone that see’s half a caravan can they please let me know although if it ends up in Devon it will probably be nicked.
    How are you anyway?

  5. Perish the thought that you would get blown away. We would miss you terribly, we had snow her for the first time this winter. Go figure, I live in the Northeast where it is usually cold and snowy, and all we’ve had is a dusting, while they have been bombarded in Texas and other parts of the Southwest. LOL. I hope you are well.

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