Rubbing it in.

I don’t care what the Miserable Folk [usually, but not always, singles – funny that] say.  There’s something rather nice about your lover buying into the whole commercialism that is Valentine’s Day and allowing some random delivery driver to knock on the door and hand over a big box containing gifts.  And indeed, gifts there were.  Belgian chocolates, a bottle of Champagne and two dozen roses [pink and yellow rather than red, which are so last year]. 

I’m indulging in the chocolates right now, lounging on my bed, semi dressed [I’ve just got out of the shower – I’ve been painting and I needed to scrub paint off parts of my body that paint should never see – I have no idea how it gets there] and struggling with the laptop.  I’ve never blogged from the laptop before.  I’ve never blogged from bed before either, come to think of it.  But my house is a mess and neither of the computers are accessible, hence the laptop with its bloody silly keys and a cursor that has a mind of its own.  I’m not entirely convinced that I enjoy blogging from bed.  I love my computer too much and have no idea how folk can use laptops all the time.

I only have two days of my holiday left.  I shouldn’t grumble really because I know that those of us in education get whinged at due to our extensive amount of holidays [which I don’t actually get paid for mind you] and so many holidays are truly a blessing, but I don’t feel I’ve done anything too relaxing so far this week. What happened to the days when I used to enjoy long lazy lie-ins when I was off work?  Tomorrow I shall complete my painting and begin putting the ‘office’ back together and on Friday I’m having my hair cut, which is a chore I would do without if my hair wasn’t in need of some tender loving care.  Then the first week of the Easter holidays [only six weeks – it’s not a good sign if you’re counting down the days till the next holiday whilst still on holiday, eh?] we’re having a new kitchen fitted so I shall be sharing my days with big burly strangers who expect lots of tea [although where the kettle will live I don’t know]. 

I like Me Time, time where I don’t have to worry about anyone or anything else and I’m just not getting it.

*stamps foot in anger*

Hark at me, the moaning bitch that I am.    I shall eat some more chocolates now and wait patiently for my husband to come home and make me laugh.  We’re off to see Hot Fuzz tonight – I suppose I ought to actually get dressed.

please God make my roses last for yonks xxx Elsabeth


  1. I think we need a word for bed-blogging. Blegging? Blodding? Bedlogging? Matthew wants to see Hot Fuzz but I cannot take him because he isn’t 15, so he’ll have to wait until the DVD is available and the parental-censors are not so spoilsporty.

  2. Being doted on is cool. Happy Valentine’s Day! And if you want a signed copy, let me know and I’ll personally mail it. So don’t go thru the website, just let me know and I’ll set up a paypal or something.

  3. painting, huh? What kind of painting were you doing exactly? =0) Well I’m glad happiness is a phenemenon which still occurs. I’m one of those scary singles grumbling at the excessive sharing of heart shaped things. But yes, you non-singles do deserve all the blatant commercialism though that comes with the holiday. I think we turn bitter because we’re just jealous deep down.

  4. Oooh, that sounds lovely.  I got tulips (because the roses didn’t come up to scratch, as they were not heavily scented) and eucalyptus leaves (because I’d been making ill sounding noises…), and we had the most fantastic dinner ever. ~x~

  5. Ahh, piffle, v-day is so not for me…. but pressies are fabtastic Not being in school I forgot that this week was half term… how I remember living the 6-week periods out and counting weeks in bunches of six….. Now every week is the same *sigh*

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