“We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.”

This is a message for Linc4Justice, which I’m not actually going to send to him because he’s an idiot and not worthy of me in his life.

dear lincoln,
hi.  i obviously upset you with my comment on ********_****s xanga.  i would apologise but my head is so far up my donkey that i just can’t be bothered.  i didn’t actually mean to offend anyone, and i believe that most of what i said was perfectly legitimate, if a little distant from your own personal view.  it seems a tad excessive of you to call me a ‘wanker’ though for putting my point across when i’m sure a more direct approach would have been quite sufficient.  but thanks anyway, you’ve restored my faith in human nature, tolerance, understanding, empathy … and now, knowing that people like you exist in the world, i’m so much more less scared.
best wishes, katie finger.

There are times when I become most irked with some folk on Xanga.  I fully expect that some people become irked by me too.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Where is the fun in having people agree with you all the time?  Where is the fun in trying to better yourself because of what you read, or trying to better other people because you think that maybe you can change their skew-y view, even though you may be the first to admit that your view on most things is decidedly more skew-y than theirs will ever be? 

I refuse to nod my head in agreement when I don’t agree.  Usually I’ll let off a bit of steam thinking about a comment, without actually posting it.  Other times I’ll toddle off to visit my Secret Place and tell you what I really think without actually telling you. 

Because I’m a wimp.  Yessir, I’m a wimp.  But sometimes, just sometimes, I feel the need to speak out.  So I did, and it was misconstrued, and Our Friendly Lincoln decided that he had nothing better to do than call me names and spout hate [not just upon me, although I fear that if God is Our Friendly Lincoln then I am definitely damned to a life of abject hell] and he couldn’t even be fussed to come here and do it. 

There are some people on here who I don’t agree with quite a lot, but this doesn’t stop me liking them, it doesn’t stop me from respecting and admiring them, and it certainly doesn’t stop me from telling them, albeit in a subtle way. 

You can put so much time and energy into some online relationships, to the extent that you hope that people know you well enough to know that you wouldn’t dream of deliberately hurting or offending someone.  Some people just aren’t interested in hearing your views though, and the simplest comments can be twisted and churned up violently till they represent something they weren’t ever meant to represent. 

There is too much hate in this world … it seems ironic that someone would hate me for wanting peace and love and for considering the situations from all points of view in an unselfish and humane way.

Oh! And hey!  I got my computer back.  No more bloody laptop! 

*slinks off to check those dastardly emails that have piled up haphazardly in one corner of this idealistic world*

[this post was brought to you in association with all those people in the western world who perpetuate the myth that all westerner’s are vile creatures who deserve what’s coming to them]

please God bless me for I have sinned xxx Elsabeth


  1. I feel somewhat cheated that I haven’t a clue what started this whole thing, but I support you no matter what, oh wait, if I always agree with you, I’m a wanker, or is it you, damn I’m just so confused……….no worries, I have known you long enough that you are ok just the way you are.

  2. Those kind of people :::cough::: only see things in black and white..  I don’t think you’re a wimp.  You can’t argue with people that have already made up their mind and have no room for other opinions.
    Congrats on getting your computer back.

  3. ********_**** is such a daft name. i can’t even find it.i like the word ‘albeit’ – it’s always ‘al-bite’ when i read it in my head. then i get the satisfaction from knowing it’s ‘all be it’ squashed up into one word. and when i go to spell ‘cynical’, i always think ‘sinicle’ first. must be a remembered learning process from when i was a child.so why do i always have trouble with 7 x 8? always. a big gaping hole in my mental arithmetic.i hope i’m one of the emailers you’re going to respond to, even though i forgot to tell mum about a meal we’re all meant to be having…

  4. Ah, but a little antangonistic behaviour goes a long long way… bless the offended ones for they are unable to think outside their little boxes [I hope it’s cosy in the box]

  5. Yes! What Jase said! (We want to know the details!)And you shouldn’t agree (or pretend to agree) with something you don’t agree with! I enjoy getting other points of view. (well – unless I am way too wrapped up in self-satisfaction with my point of view, but it is still healthy nonetheless!

  6. I guess there are disagreeable people on Xanga, aren’t there? I haven’t had to encounter any of them for years, ’cause I’ve only been commenting on the same four or five people’s pages for ages. Hey, “pages for ages”. Yay for unintentional rhymes that distract from the actual content of a sentence!

  7. That’s funny you say that about phone booths..because really I havent seen one in ages myself lol  Isn’t Charlie from England?  I agree they need to do their research when showing other countries. 
    In the previews of the next LOST is what Im waiting to see..answers! (hopefully)  Sometimes I wonder why everyone kept secrets in the show.  Like Hurly not telling anyone about the numbers (not so much the lottery)…How locke sees light instead of the black swarm…just stuff.  

  8. RYC: Rich does the same thing when they film something in L.A. and try to pass it off as New York… drives him nuts too lol.  I think a little suspension of disbelief is a necessity in most television programs/movies.  Sure, there are things that will stick out, or not translate properly, but I don’t think this is set out to be a historical perspective, but a diversion.  If one goes through everything with a fine-toothed comb, that ruins the experience… for me anyway
    Of course, no one is going to set anything in my little area of the world, maybe I’d scream if they did and screwed something up lol

  9. RYN:  Curious…  I think the thicker pancakes sound like what we make here – we like them “light and fluffy”.  Are the thinner ones like french crepes?  We make those for desserts, mostly…  Pancakes are mostly breakfast food.

  10. Oh!  and we almost always eat our pancakes spread with a bit of magarine or butter with maple syrup (or manufactured maple-flavored syrup [eewww!]) on top!  Sometimes we top them with fruit and whipped cream, though…

  11. I haven’t a clue but since I seem to agree alot with you, I assume it’s something I would agree against, especially if religion is involved.

  12. Hello there…I got your comment…and I’m not upset with you.  I think I was just really hurt, last week.  It was an emotional time having someone we know killed.  I was going to comment above and then I happened to catch the name ‘Linc4Justice’ in the post following the first and thought, “Oh no!”.  I didn’t see what he said to you.  He told me that he had defended me, but I didn’t realize he’d resorted to name-calling and I was too upset to even care that he defended me, at the time.  Yikes.  I apologize for his wanker-ish ways.  He’s actually a very kind person (though you wouldn’t know it hearing that!), but he’s been a good friend of mine and I think he read that as an insult to me.  The only thing I was upset with the comment that my thinking ran the same channels as a Muslim terrorist, but I think what I wrote was also misunderstood.  I don’t think you and I are that different, really.  I remember taking a trip to Ireland…and when I first got there, I thought…wow, this is a different world.  After spending two weeks there, I realized it was very much the same.  There were different customs, etc….but things essentially weren’t that much different.
    A lot of people on Xanga seem to think I’m extremely far right on the political scale, but I’m actually more Moderate.  I’m not religious.  I’m spiritual, I study religion, but I can’t subscribe to any religion.  I think religion is divisive.  I’m not FOR war.  I hate it.  It takes my husband away from me, it takes friends away from me, but I also believe that as long as there are crazy people in this world or those who have been misled or brainwashed so completely, that war is a necessary evil.  Like death and accidents, I consider it an unfortunate part of life.  Without it, there would be none of the freedom we have today.  Someone had to stand up for what is right somewhere along the way.  I hope maybe you can not see us as vile war-mongers, but that some of us were actually horrified by Saddam’s actions against his own people.  I am a very humane and loving person.  I don’t hate and don’t promote hate, but when one of your own is killed in war and then those that committed the crime post videos of it on the internet and taunt with it, it does hurt and it does make you angry.  I let a little of that anger show after it happened and I hope you can understand why.  Those guys were not there to hurt or harm anyone.  They were a medical evacuation squad.  They were going to pick up wounded – not only American wounded.  Iraqi wounded, as well.
    I don’t disrespect your views.  I agree with you in many ways and I see where you’re coming from.  You can be either proactive or reactive and I don’t know what the best thing to do is.  I’m lost in the gray area and think a lot of other people are as well.  For right now, the death of the past few weeks has made me appreciate my life a lot more and opened my eyes to a lot of things.  I really hope you don’t think we’re all vile, evil warmongers.  I know there are some Americans out there that don’t care what anyone else out there thinks, but I do…and I don’t want you to get the wrong impression of us, either.  Overall, I think you and I both want a peaceful loving world and see the beauty that could be.  It’s a shame that there are others out there that spoil the dream of peace for everyone.  You are always welcome, E…I have always loved hearing your input.  I’m sorry that we had a misunderstanding – I don’t think you really believe I’m like a terrorist…and even more sorry that someone who is a friend of mine resulted to insults instead of disagreeing politely.  Please don’t take his words to heart.  You are a lovely person who didn’t deserve such a slight. 

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