We Underestimated The Daffodils.

My mind is on other things.  Other things are namely kitchens.  We’re having our kitchen totally refitted next week, something that worries me because it means I have to make small talk with strange men, find somewhere for the kettle to live and ensure that the bathroom is clean at all times. 


I was sitting in the car this morning, nodding at appropriate places whilst listening to ChavGuy prattle on about this and that, when my mind just drifted off to enjoy its own little venture into Random ThoughtLand.  I visit Random ThoughtLand quite regularly.  You know those folk who look at you intensely [although not through direct eye-contact, heaven forbid] and nod/laugh/sigh/frown in all the correct places, yet you’re not really sure whether they’re paying any attention to your words or not?  Yep, I’m one of them.  In my defence though this does make me better than those folk who do the same thing but then actively interrupt you with an anecdote of the i’m-better-than-you-and-my-story-proves-it variety.

One of my thoughts on this morning visit to Random ThoughtLand, whilst sitting in ChavGuy’s car, included that very thought – about glazing over but looking attentive.  Other Random ThoughtLand thoughts this morning included such jewels as …

Why is it so foggy? 
What does procrastination mean, and why can I never actually remember what it means?  Is it such an ugly word that my brain just feels the need to block it out?
That lorry’s going to crash into us.  Oh, no it isn’t.
I hope that dream I had last night doesn’t come true. 
Isn’t it cool that
My So-Called Life is going to be available on region 2 DVD in just a matter of weeks?
Tonight I shall hoover downstairs, shower/wash my hair, put a load of washing on – in that order. [and I did]
Don’t forget to nod, it sounds like that bit might have been important.
I must remember to get some money out of the Money Machine this evening.
Why did those people leave the flowers in plastic when they put them in that spot on the roadside where their loved one died?  Don’t they know that it could be bad for the environment, not to mention all the little animals that might get caught up in them.
Ouch, that lump on my back hurts. I wish it would go away because now I just know that I have some terminal disease.
If I do have a terminal disease I wonder how I can whittle down my favourite tracks to a manageable funereal amount. 
Those Daffodils are dead.  Someone ought to deadhead them.

And all of those thoughts happened between Point A and Point B, which is a matter of three minutes worth of road.  Then I jolted myself out of them. 

Of course, these thoughts are all interspersed with the Most Classic of Random Thoughts from Random ThoughtLand … Oh heck, I really do hope that ChavGuy can’t hear my thoughts.  Oh God, what if he can?  Oh shit, now he knows how very boring I am.  Oh my goodness, I just thought of what happened in that dream and now he knows because he can hear my bloody thoughts …

I love that bloke in Heroes. 

please God don’t let people into my head xxx Elsabeth


  1. hahaha!  Random thoughts are good during that time though…I hatehatehate when I do that while trying to sleep.  It keeps me up until wee hours.  Its why I havent been posting too..I have too much going on in my head and I cant get it out.  I stare at this box in front of me and get too over-loaded and say forget it.

  2. My random thoughts work when I have to listen to meeting and speeches, lol. And that guy was once my favorite character on heroes. Now I can’t pick a fav b/c they’ve fleshed all the characters out so nicely I cant settle on one.

  3. oh my goodness. I haven’t heard mention of that show since I was a teenager! Are we aging?
    Well at least you get to see plumber crack and you’ll be awfully tempted to accidentally spill things in there as you pass. Ewee.

  4. I also visit random thoughtland! And… I too get those vague paranoid thoughts about whether the person near me can hear my thoughts. And I love that show Heroes… But, it hasn’t been on in awhile and that makes me sad.

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