A Hospital is no place to be sick.

I quite like hospitals.  I think this might make me a bit of a freak. 

I stayed in hospital once.  I was six years old and I’d fallen off my bike whilst whizzing around the corner.  Banged my head, I did.  They thought I’d fractured my skull, but it turned out I hadn’t [although I like to think that I did and would like to see the x-rays to prove it], and I was left with nothing but a big black eye and a bruised six year old ego.  Oh, and a Mr Topsy-Turvy mug, and painful memories of crying for my mummy – who I knew was outside the ward but who couldn’t come and see me because daddy and his new friend [who he now lived with] were visiting me.

Apart from that my hospital visits have been mainly confined to a) casualty, for various reasons including a broken wrist, a fractured elbow, another fractured elbow that never got seen to medically because I couldn’t be arsed to hang around for four hours and some overdoses [not mine], b) visiting Mumsy and nana, oh and a friend who was a bit of a nutter and c) to annoy Mumsy at work, for she worked/s in a hospital but not as a nurse. 

But I digress.  I quite like hospitals.  They’re very clean, squeakily so in fact.  And they’re very big.  If you go at the right time you can have a very long squeakily clean corridor all to yourself and if the fancy took you it would be quite a novelty to run screaming down it.  There are calm pictures on the walls in hospitals, usually green and blue, which are often quite nice and make you think nice thoughts.

And there’s the alcohol hand rub stuff lotion-y thing at every corner and the end of every bed, for heaven forbid! you bring germs into the hospital.  I love that stuff.  I’ll quite happily spend all day rubbing that into my hands.

You can also get lost in hospitals.  And we did nearly, yesterday. 

My Father-in-Law did a very silly thing.  He climbed on a chair and then fell off it.  Now he has some bleeding on/in [?] his brain and we’ve just heard that it seems to be stable [no swelling] so they won’t need to operate.  The Blokey feels guilty because we have my Father-in-Law’s ladder, and if we’d given it back to him ages ago then he wouldn’t have been standing on the chair.  But the doctors don’t know whether the fall and subsequent knock on his head caused the bleed or whether the bleed was already there and it caused him to faint. 

He seemed ok yesterday [it happened on Friday but they sent him home from casualty on Friday afternoon and then he got really sick on Saturday so he went back in and they actually did a CT scan, and the doctor said she wished they’d done it on Friday, bloody silly beggars]; very very sleepy, and his head was obviously causing him pain – but he was a little like the Father-in-Law that I know and love, so he’ll be fine.  Hopefully he’ll be home asap.

If you’re so inclined please send get well vibes in his direction.  Ta.

In good news I won some money on the Grand National on Saturday. It was extremely exciting – but I shan’t get addicted.  Go me!

please God bless those poor students in Virginia, and their families xxx Elsabeth

[and a message for azn_qt1: i can’t get on your site to tell you that i was joking – i know that there can’t be that many women in the world with no nipples … yikes]


  1. Part of me liked staying overnight in the hospital…  I liked having food brought to me and having time to read. (but I didn’t like being woken up so they could give me medication and take my blood pressure…)

  2. The only time I’ve stayed in a hospital was when I was born…though I have been visiting and waiting many times. 
    I do hope your Father-in-law feels better soon.
    RYC: My Aunts and Cousins threw my sister a wedding shower, and her friends from work did and this is the lingirie shower, then there is the bridesmaids luncheon that the bride gives (except in this case a friend of the family is giving it) for the bridesmaids.  She will bestow their presents and yummy food on them there.  We separated the invites so people were only invited to one of the showers and would only feel obligated to buy one gift.  However, since I’m her sister and maid of honor, I seem to be expected at them all.  But I will be showered to death b/c I threw one for my co-youth leader who is getting married the weekend after my sister and then I’m invited to one of her showers next weekend as well.  Just too many people getting married at once!!  (my that was a long comment, sorry!)

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