The [bad(der)] boys are back!

Those of you who are observant may remember my obvious distress at suddenly discovering I can be very sexually attracted to men who not only have blond hair, but who also are decidedly nothing like anyone I’ve ever been sexually attracted to before. 

Men like Richard Farleigh.


Therefore you will be very happy to hear that the clever dumb balance has been restored and I’m now very very powerfully attracted to Brandon Flowers in a very very sexual way. 


It’s insane … I think I must have almost finished climbing my sexual mountain and be nearly at the peak.

Of course, I also have a problem in that I can’t stop listening to The Killers [gosh, that voice] and I think that if I don’t see them live I will probably die. 

It’s like being twelve years old again, falling in lust with Pal [who oddly had blond hair, as did Brian Cant … hmmm] from A-Ha, and wearing out my Scoundrel Days cassette … except back in those days I couldn’t have had The Killers as my desktop wallpaper.  And if anybody had been weird enough to suggest that I could I would have looked at them oddly and asked why I would want wallpaper on top of my desk and wouldn’t the teachers mind awfully.


please God bless me and let me dream of sexy voices xxx Elsabeth


  1. I’m glad to hear that your newest attraction fits your usual mold – since it was bothering you so much…  I don’t worry so much about that, but I do have a tendency to admire dark haired males rather than blonds.
    RYN:  I’m worried that I’m getting desensitized a bit because of the constant bloodshed we hear about every day.  I don’t feel it like I used to…  I guess I really couldn’t or I’d lose my mind.
    I do agree with you – if guns were not available here like they are now, the situation at Virginia Tech would have had a different outcome. 
    What worries me are young people like the one interviewed on TV who was complaining because he is forbidden from carrying his gun on campus.  He was convinced that the situation would have been better if he had been armed, too!  Sure!  Add more weapons to the mix!  Like that would have helped! 
    It is unbelievable how people will justify their “need” to own a firearm!  I just didn’t grow up with that belief – I attended a pacifist church and we just didn’t think that way.  Killing another person was wrong.  Period.  It is so foreign to me to think otherwise.

  2. I prefer dark haired men myself, althogh sometimes a blondie will do the trick, like Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (hubba hubba)

  3. I usually go for darker-haired people, particularly brown. I don’t know why.Brandon Flowers reminds me a lot of Ashton Kutcher when he has certain facial expressions. It’s weird.

  4. Times change Ducky but some things do not!!! I was far more fond of Dead or Alive, which is sort of odd as that was certainly the metal years for me>

  5. Wandered over from Matt’s place (desolation cafe) and wanted to say hi.  Hope you don’t mind if I leave a trail of breadcrumbs so I can find my way back and visit again.  Don’t worry about sitting anything out for me…and I’m housebroken, mostly 

  6. bothers me when I fall out of the norm too.  Blondes aren’t really my thing either.  I’m still on my lust for Justin (blue october singer)  which normally things like this wear off in a month or 2…it’s been almost a  year now .. maybe its because I’ve seen them twice in concert?
    eww I hate hospitals.  I think they smell like urine..all of them! 
    Lost…ehh  Can you wqtch LOST via the computer on

  7. Hiya. RYC : We’ve been brainwashed. It really is as simple as that. The American media is so dominant globally that you can’t escape it. We’ve been conditioned since birth – the truth is we don’t see American tv. movies and music as foreign. We’re so used to the conventions and techniques used in American productions that we don’t notice them as being different. Americanisation, in other words. On the other hand, most Americans do see us as foriegn and because they aren’t used to our conventions and techniques they find it really difficult to watch anything made outside their own country (and thus they presume their product is superior). It’s kinda like how foriegn language films in the UK are always percieved as ‘arthouse’ movies despite the fact in their home countries they’re mainstream. Thats how it is with British TV in the US. Also, you have to take into account that Amercians are a bit brainwashed by their own ideology. The American Dream is key to their ideology so it’s rare to see TV shows in the US that have ‘regular joes’ as key characters and when they do they;re usually comedies. Usually American tv shows are about successful lawyers, doctors etc.and/or their families. British TV shows tend to be about painfully normal people. American TV is all about capitalism, ours tends to be about socialism, generally speaking. Have I gone off on a tangent here? Probably. Oh well.

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