If the English language made any sense, a catastrophe would be an apostrophe with fur.

Todays Ten on Tuesday is:

10 Political Figures, and What You Think of Them.
Yeh, right.
Next weeks is:
10 Things Most People Don’t Know About You.
Have a guess at which one I’m going to do? 
  1. I indulge in fantasies in which I actually write, and write well.  These fantasies will remain fantasies because I have no confidence in showing my fantastical writing to anyone.
  2. Everyone knows I suffer from dyscalculia, but what you don’t know is that despite being rather fandanglyicious at most things pertaining to the English language, I’m unable to use apostrophes correctly and my mind goes blank with certain words, such as procrastination [which is a shite word anyway and overused by far too many people].  When I wrote my dissertation I earned myself a 16/16 [a definite first class, obviously] but it was only a 15/16 [still a first class, obviously] before being moderated, purely because of my hopeless use of the apostrophe.
  3. Following on from that, I was advised to go into some sort of research post because I was [obviously] so good at it.  I didn’t.  I chose teaching instead.  Silly me.
  4. I have a deep, dark secret from my childhood that I will never tell a single soul.  Ever.  Even though it’s eating me up inside.
  5. I’d like to have my marriage blessed in the church of my childhood, the church where I was christened.  I [we] aim to do this when I [we] have our first baby christened.  I may or may not have informed The Blokey about this.
  6. I have the shortest attention span in the history of attention spans, which goes nicely with my shortest short term memory award.
  7. I collect perfume/scent bottles, tacky [and not-so tacky] snowglobes and general clutter which is of no use to anybody.
  8. I’m more like my Father than I care to admit, and as such I am quite happy to believe in his belief that his father was really his grandfather.  It’s almost romantic.  And on the plus side, it doesn’t mess up my family tree, but adds to it [always a bonus].
  9. I love tracing my family tree.  I currently have over 400 ancestors and 82 surnames listed at genesconnected.co.uk
  10. I am incredibly dopey.  I manage to hide it well on here.

Tomorrow is the funeral.  Keep us in your thoughts, ta muchly.

please God bless the apostrophe, despite its evilness xxx Elsabeth


  1. Many hugs and thoughts being sent your way (mostly because I’m likely to forget tomorrow). Share them among the family as necessary. RYC – I would have looked it up on Wikipedia, had I got the spelling right. I just hope our American friends know them by one of the other names.
    L xx

  2. Come on ya wuss show us some writings!   You should post them secretly on another site that no one would know its you. But you would need to tell me because ..well because hahaha!
    Hope all went well today.

  3. Elsabeth,
    You really should show us some of your writing. I read your blog, not because i know you, not because i feel i should – but because i enjoy it. I’m sure there are many other Xangas who feel the same.
    I’ll keep you and your family in my thoughts for tomorrow.
    ps – a fact for you – I love to write but have to spell check everything – It ridiculous how bad i can spell sometimes.
    Much love and light,

  4. I’ve been away awhile, but I am very sorry to come back and learn of your family’s loss. I know that it will be a hard adjustment for all and that he will be missed.
    I am intruiged by these secret writings of your’s. Maybe, if I am lucky some will see the light of day in the future. (However, I am not holding my breath.)

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