“The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.”

The following is an excerpt from an English lesson I covered yesterday with a small Year 10 class I’ve known since September, before I got hitched.

Girl Who Sleeps Around: Are you pregnant yet Katiefinger?
Katiefinger: No, should I be?
Girl Who Sleeps Around: I thought you were going to have a baby when you got married.
Katiefinger: How long have I been married GWSA?
Girl Who Sleeps Around: *shrugs* … not long?
Katiefinger: Well done.
Girl Who Sleeps Around: Well, I just thought you might have had one.
Girl Who Sleeps Around: Have you had one?
Katiefinger: [feeling bemused] Actually yes.  Yes, I have GWSA.  I’ve had four since I got married. 
Coordinated In Pink TA: She has you know.
Girl Who Sleeps Around: *gasps* Really?
Coordinated In Pink TA: Oh yes, she had them all at the same time … she just popped down to the hospital in her ten minute lunch break, gave birth and was back before you even had time to miss her.
Girl Who Sleeps Around: *looks at katiefinger and grins* Nah! *vehemently shakes head*
Katiefinger & Coordinated In Pink TA: [nodding very seriously] Oh yes.

Our Year 11s left yesterday.  This wasn’t a pathetically sad occasion because they’re lunatics and they did take over the asylum [thanks to those members of staff who let them].  We’ve been left with some arrogant little twits who now think know that they can take over the role of lunatics and create havoc.  This will happen and some members of staff will let it happen much to the despair of those of us who are more professional. 

It will be interesting to find out what happens to the kids who’ve just left us.  Which one will get pregnant?  Who will start dealing in Class A drugs?  Who will end up in prison due to armed robbery?  Oh, it’s a veritable Soap Opera, even after they’ve left and the cameras have stopped rolling …

We went to the cinema on Wednesday and saw 28 Weeks Later.  I’ve seen an awful lot of horror-esque films in the past [what with it being my most favourite of all the available genres] but never has one made me physically cry twice before.  Awww, it was sad and gore-filled and genuinely scary, and is therefore my top-tip film of this week.  Go and see it!  Or not.  You don’t have to. 

please God bless my printer and make it work properly, ta xxx Elsabeth


  1. You remain hilarious. Wish I could of had a teacher like you back in the day. I don’t watch horror movies, b/c it gets in my mind like a virus, and the ideas overtake my rational thinking. But, I’ve made exceptions of my no horror viewing rule, and 28 Days Later is one of my favorite horror movies (along with Scream). I’m semi tempted to see 28 Weeks Later some day.

  2. I’ve wanted to see that. I loved 28 days later. Zombie movies aren’t scary-scary that it gives you the chills when you are home alone-like the Ring or that movie where the new inhabitants of the haunted home lifted the bedsheets and a pair of feet showed up underneath. SCARY!
    Zombies? Not scary because it will never ever happen. But it’s lovely to get a good scare and get the old adrenaline rushing.
    Ugh. the things teenagers and kids get away with asking.

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