A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into.

All the cool kids [you and you] are doing this, and I want to be cool too.  Besides, I’m interested to see what sort of response I get – and I know that the folk who read this xlog are highly imaginative and fun-filled.  So, I’d like you all to screw your fandanglyicious imaginative heads on firmly and request pictures that are revealing of my wonderful life, but preferably aren’t requests that in anyway physically involve me … I have the right to ignore those requests, ta. 

Tomorrow we’re tootling off and joining the Bank Holiday traffic in an effort to ‘get away from it all’ [apart from each other of course] for a few days.  We shall enjoy the wet and blustery weather [why is it always wet and blustery during this specific week every year?] in The Blokey’s parents caravan in Kent.  We shall try not to blow away.  It’s much needed, especially for The Blokey.

And speaking of Bank Holidays, some silly soul somewhere decided that it would be great to suggest the idea of another Bank Holiday. Ah, but this one would be specifically so that folk could do voluntary work and give something back to the community.  I have issues with this … a) they want it in October which would mean that it would fall in the half-term holiday [these pesky Bank Holidays rarely fall during term-time, damn them], b) I do a lot for the community anyway, it’s part of my job and my own individual morality, c) if we have to have a new Bank Holiday why can’t we celebrate St George’s Day [then the Irish (is St Patrick’s Day already a Bank Holiday in Ireland?), Welsh and Scots (oh my God, they get one starting this year?) could also have new Bank Holidays of their own, rather than one for the whole of Britain]. 

Of course, some of the comments about it on the newsforum at bbc.co.uk tickled my fancy … How about the 4th July so that we can celebrate American independence? asks Ian [I think I love Ian].  Megi exclaimed, in one word – hell yes!!, to which John rather nicely responded And you will be volunteering to help people count? My most favourite of all the lovely commenters was L A Odicean.  Yesterday morning s/he stated, It’s a disgrace. Many countries have more frequent holidays than we do. Of course we should take more breaks. We work too hard in this country. It seems that s/he had second thoughts because later s/he posted the comment, Of course we don’t need an extra holiday.. It’s an absolute disgrace. People in this country simply don’t work hard enough.  Oh, you have to laugh.  Or maybe you should be laughing at me for having the time to notice these things?


So don’t forget – I own a rather fandangly camera which is bored of taking pictures of Tabatha-Cat and grass; it desires to take pictures of other stuff.  But not the inside of my fridge – it draws the line at that [that’s so yesterday].  What would you like to see a picture of?

please God bless the weather in Kent xxx Elsabeth


  1. Am I allowed more than one request?If not, then just choose one of these:Your favorite thing you’ve ever received from The Blokey.The place you most often go to hide from the world.Your favorite tree that you see on a regular basis. (or am I the only one who takes notice to trees…)

  2. If we were to come visit, pics of your favorite spots you would love to take us (not necessarily main tourist spots, but spots that more define you; pubs, shops, parks, etc.)

  3. LOL – help celebrate America’s independence, that’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve heard for so many reasons, not least we’re not American and that’s a war we lost. Photos..hmm, I second longtimelurker, post your favourite local spots.

  4. Did you edit at the bottom before Paul asked?  Or is he guilty of not reading the entire post? hmm
    I’d like to see a picture of The blokeys favorite shoes next to your favorite shoes outside in the grass.  Pictures of things you look at daily while waiting at the bus stop. Ohh Ohh, how about a picture OF your bus stop??  Yes! 

  5. I want to see a picture of your fandangly bed. I second that request for your favorite shoes. And a picture of your front door. I know we’ve seen pictures of her before, but I wouldn’t mind more pictures of Tabatha. Also, I want to see the place where you “hang out” in your house the most. And your kitchen.I could go on and on so I’ll just stop.

  6. I heartily second the tree request.  (you are not alone in tree noticing eeyore17026, I have pictures of my favorite tree in all seasons.)  A picture of your absolute favorite aisle in the grocery store would be fun.  :)  M

  7. omgtheyDIDkillcharlie!  I’m quite upset with that myself!  My thoughts exactly..why didn’t he just swim out the hole that the water came out of!  Who is in that coffin!?  who died?  Rich thinks its Ben…but with my dvr I stopped it and all I saw was the name John on that piece of paper that Jack kept from the news paper. (John something that wasn’t Locke)  Where has Walt been this whole time?  Why IS John so damn special?  Why haven’t we seen a black smoke thing in a long time?  What IS that?  Why why why??? and we must wait until JAN??? grrr!  I blame the Sapranos on all this making us wait so damn long to see our favorite shows in August like it should be!  So, do you think next season will be about how they got off the island?  Or their lives now that they are off?  Do they go back?

  8. I second the request for a picture of you and the Blokey, but I also recognize the fact that you will probably ignore me. =P I haven’t commented here in a long time. It makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside to read your blog again. Hehe!

  9. RYC : Firstly : You know full well he’s not Joss Whedon’s nephew. Secondly : You’re a teacher yourself, are you not? If one of your students handed in an essay suggesting that he believed the fiction he was reading was real, you’d correct him wouldn’t you? Or would you let him take his exams with the belief that Sherlock Holmes or whomever was real? (in which case, I worry about our schools…). While it is entirely possible that The Kook has a PhD, I find it doubtful considering his demeanour, fantastical claims and half-baked notions. I think there is a whole world of difference between a devout Christian studying an historical Jesus and some kook who believes he’s a necromancer and his girlfriend is an angel (and by extension, his son is half angel) somehow making it through seven years of study without at least one person questioning his judgement. I’m not sure what level of defence he could have against any sort of reasonable questioning, let alone the academic questioning that would come from a thesis committee.

  10. I’m so tardy in responding, how bad of me…Let’s think…~#~ The view from a window in your house~#~ An upside down view of something you see every day~#~ Something that’s very very far away from your house, but can be seen from the house or road (a chance to play with the zoom!)~#~ The cupboard under your sink[oh, and there’s nothing wrong with fridges, you seem to like virtually poking your nose into other’s ;)]

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