Nothing to say.

I am sleepy. 


I’ve amused myself with plenty of people-watching over the last couple of days.


I am not the world’s most perfect person.  I’m moody, pedantic, sarcastic and bitchy.  I could do with losing a few pounds and sometimes I can’t be bothered to straighten my hair.  My feet can get pretty whiffy when I’ve been running around after naughty teenagers all day and I breathe coffee breath on students who annoy me. I don’t do my hoovering every day and ironing should be punishable by death as far as I’m concerned. Get in the way of my daily routine and I will be downright nasty to you. 


But I do like being me.  And I’m glad that I’m not like some people.


I like the fact that I don’t wear silly sunglasses that don’t suit me.  And even if I did wear sunglasses that don’t suit me at least I wouldn’t wear them whilst wearing a winter jacket and sitting on a shaded bus. 


I like the fact that I’m not the world’s hairiest woman.  If I was the world’s hairiest woman I wouldn’t be showing off the tattoo on my lower back.  And I would invest in some bleach.  Probably of the very strong variety.  Or just a very big and very sharp razor.


I like the fact that I don’t have toddler-like tantrums in public [I do, however, reserve the right to have them in private] which just make me look stupid.  Continuing on from this [because it was the same person] I like the fact that I don’t have to rely on my personal/intimate relationships to help me overcome my petty issues at work. 


I like the fact that I don’t start random conversations with random strangers in random places and expect them to indulge me.  Pffft.


And finally, I like the fact that I don’t need to be the centre of attention and thus act in an undignified manner.  There’s juvenile and there’s juvenile.  And I know which I would rather be.


Why is my desk so bloody messy?


please God wake me up [before you go-go] xxx Elsabeth




  1. You crack me up!!!  I fear my youngest daughter may be able to give hairyest woman a run for her razor.  Shhh. . .we aren’t telling her that now though.  Don’t want to hurt the fragile self-esteem.  :)  M

  2. Your observations are fabulous….and I think you’re great as your pedantic, bitchy, sarcastic, non-hairy self.  Who the hell needs a straightener, anyway?  Just ask Britney Spears.  She chucked hair all together.
    And lower back tattoos…I don’t understand them.  The Marines, out here, call them “tramp stamps”.  Now every time I see one I giggle. 

  3. LOL. While I am glad for the Blokey’s sake that you are not the Elsabeth the hirstute (sp) woman. Women with back hair are kind creepy, but not as bad as woman with chest hair between there breasts (yes I’ve actually seen it.). LOL. I hope all is well otherwise.

  4. Much bizarreness is occuring. Your post didn’t appear in my Subs page (??). I did think it had been a long time since you’d posted last. Anyways, I’ve always believed a messy desk is a sign of someone who works hard because if someone has the time to keep it tidy, they obviously don’t have much to do! Yeah, that’s a generalisation I know. RYC – it’s not unusual for twenty-somethings to be at home is it? Indeed, I’m actually the youngest ‘child’ in my street, several people are still living with their parents. I’m sure I’m not paranoid though. It’s unnerving how often he mentions my mum, honestly he talks down to me like I’m ten.

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