I’m only grouchy and moody on days that end with Y.

I fell asleep this afternoon which turned out to be a bloody ridiculous thing to do because I woke up [or rather, was woken up by The Blokey who was gently tapping on my shoulder telling me that The Simpsons was on, which went oddly with the dream I was having] with a splitting headache. 

This may have had something to do with the fact that when I lay down on the fresh clean sheets of my bed to stroke my pussy [who, incidently, decided that toddling off downstairs to get some attention off her daddy was much more fun] I was in a bit of a mood.  Oh Elizabeth!  A bit?  Well no. I was in a stonkingly bad nobody loves me, everybody hates me, blah blah worms, blah blah heads off mood.  And I was a little tearful. That’s a genuine little, not an understated little. 

Oh the joys of womanhood.  And I can’t even blame it on PMT.  I’m just a genuinely moody/emotional cow.

And the space bar on my keyboard is decidedly sticky. Which is sticky in the it-sticks sense rather than the my-fingers-were-sticky-first sense.

Humpf.  I actually blame the weather.  It’s icky weather; it has had more mood changes in the last week than a <insert sexist comment>.  The icky weather has obviously contributed to all the evils in my own personal little world.  Why won’t the kitchen fitter answer his mobile, thus creating more panic for an already telephone phobic person?  Why am I the last one to find out about family events?  Do I actually exist?  Why did I have that odd dream about a [semi-]famous child getting his head chopped off by a lorry? Why doesn’t The Blokey understand that the question do you even want to help me tidy up? should not be answered with the word no and a look of confusion?  Why am I now wishing I hadn’t applied for that other job? … Obviously it’s the weather, d’uh!

Still, I was cheered up immensely, albeit briefly, this evening whilst watching the Big Brother VIII highlights show.  That Essex Geezer Brian’s English teacher should be sacked – how can you reach the grand old age of nineteen in England and not have heard of Shakespeare?  What is happening to the education system in this country?  pffft …

please God bless Shakespeare for using words that Brian doesn’t understand even though they were written a million zillion years ago [which is a long long time] xxx Elsabeth 


  1. Have a chocolate or 10. Cheer up. The “everyone and everything pissing me off” will soon come to pass.

  2. I find it difficult not to be moody when the weather is moody…
    RYN:  It is supposedly not attractive to have 2 white sides like that.  I seem to remember my home-ec (cooking) teacher going on about that in school.  We are to create meals that not only taste good, but are “visually appealing”.  *sigh*  As if it weren’t enough to try to cook tasty and nutritional meals… 

  3. Grr, it deleted my reference to left spikey parenthesis insert sexist comment right spikey parenthesis, bloody clever arses with their html tag filters… Oh, the bit that is missing went before “be”.

  4. Oh the innuendo! :-pHope you’re feeling a bit more cheery today. I don’t watch Big Brother so I don’t know which bloke you’re talking about but judging by the amount of dimwits who regularly appear on the show I can’t say I’m surprised.

  5. Hurray for this post, it cracked me up except to be sad that you were having an unloved feeling day.  Those thoroughly suck.  Hope things look up for you.  In fact, have some new mercies every morning.  :)  M

  6. ryc:  Perhaps not as ill as I did in doing it?  But it is bad business to vomit at the front of the church (or the back for that matter)!  :)  M

  7. Of course you’re right. It is a tragedy that some of the people I help have very poor basic skills.but I suppose some will always get through the net no matter what schools do. Most of them are actually very articulate and have no problem communicating orally but stick a pen and paper in their hands and it’s a different story. Still, I do get a buzz out of helping them out and heck, they all seem to compliment me and seek me out for help which has put at least one full-time tutor’s nose right out of joint. The paperwork, mind, I could do without!

  8. Wow.  Sounds like the education system there is about as wonderful as it is here.  Most of the kids here don’t really realize that there is other intelligent life on the planet outside of the United States and that not every other nation out there besides the U.S, the UK, and Australia is a starving third world nation.  I literally had my younger sister ask me if they had running water in Ireland when I went there.  She said she thought they all farmed sheep and had out-houses for toilets.
    And your moods are completely not unfounded.  I have them all the time – PMT or no.  I’ve started warning the husband as soon as he walks in the door that yes – I am in a terrible mood.  No – I don’t know why.  No – there is nothing he can do to help but shut up, bug off, and leave me alone.  Oh yes – but taking the kids out for a while might help.
    ryc:  I was glad to see people took me seriously when I said that the video on North Korea was worth watching.  I don’t think I quite understood their dictatorship so much as I do now.  Why can’t the world be free of all these Stalin-esque leaders so we can all live in peace?  I wish something could be done for those poor people. 

  9. I’m a moody thing too.  2 months into this job..they finally saw my moody-ness.  I hid it from them for that long. heh.
    Do you subscribe to the Big Brother live feed?  I personally have never seen any of the Big Brothers…but have many friends addicted and have the live feed.

  10. LOL. Well spotted. Stupid blooming apostrophe. How the devil did that get there?!!
    In retaliation, I shall point out that in your comment of two paragraphs, I didn’t see a single capital letter :-p

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