“Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.”


My Baby Brother is fandangly and draws me cool stuff.  Thank you for the geraniums Baby Brother.  And the pot.  That’s pot as in plant pot, not pot as in other type of pot.  Does anybody still call it pot? 

Now I am humming birthday songs to myself and waiting [im]patiently for The Blokey to come home so I can open my presents, drink fizzy wine and eat a Chinese take-away.  Yummy in my tummy! 

Happy non-Birthday to the rest of you!

please God bless those folk who don’t share my birthday xxx Elsabeth


  1. I hope it was lots of fun!  I do love the word fandangly.  Hmmm. . .rollicking and fandangly.  I think I’ll use those tomorrow at work.  (and get looked at the way I usually get looked at, visiting alien trys to communicate with earthlings.)  :)  M

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