The Suggestive Post …

I went to bed early on my birthday.  The combination of excitement, tiredness, painful sunburn and fizzy wine was just too much for me to handle, especially now that I’m really ancient. 

My [pink mini] iPod is currently sitting forlornly on my desk, gazing up at me with a look of utter rejection.  Please don’t dump me! she begs.  But dump her I must for The Blokey bought me a brand new iPod.  Huzzah!  I feel a little sad because I’ve had my [pink mini] iPod for nearly three years and she’s shared in lots of the goings-on in my life.  But nothing lasts does it?  Besides, I have a colour screen and more space now so … Oooh, and I have iPod socks which will be perfect for those chilly winter bus journeys [I really don’t want my spankingly brand new iPod getting cold] and a metallic pink case [because I’m a clumsy bitch sometimes and she might be less inclined to break if she’s protected].  Amongst other things I also received a slow cooker [which excited me because now I can cook slowly!] and My So-Called Life [which I’ve only been waiting about fifty trillion years for to come out on Region 2 DVD].

My new iPod needs a name.  Suggestions welcome, but not necessarily considered.

And speaking of suggestions The Blokey also bought me £100 worth of iTunes vouchers [for about thirty quid … bargain!] so if you think I’m missing out on any tunes you need to let me know and I’ll endeavour to expand my musical horizons.  But no jazz or country.  Please.

Tonight we’re off to see the new Harry Potter film.  I’m looking forward to gazing adoringly at Snape and I’m intrigued as to how all those shortly‘s will come across … [if the word shortly appears in the new book I think I will scream very loudly].

please God bless the moistness of my knickers when Snape comes on screen xxx Elsabeth


  1. I love My So-Called Life. I’m jealous of you having the DVD. I’m also jealous of your new iPod because I’m stuck with my pink mini one (although I do still love it). But I’m most jealous of you seeing Harry tonight…I have to wait till Saturday .

  2. no jazz or country? you should broaden your tastes in music. there’s a lot of good jazz and there’s a lot of good country. anyway, try this japanish band – PIZZICATO FIVE and their song TWIGGY TWIGGY / TWIGGY VS. JAMES BOND. i heard it on the radio in the car tonight and i couldn’t get enough of it. just downloaded it (along with willie nelson’s whiskey river) (he’s a country singer by the way) …happy rotter? just one more to go? oh please somebody slap that woman. embargo my arse.

  3. Your excitement over the slow cooker is hilarious. Name for the ipod, R2. Two songs I’d recommend are “Soldier Girl” by The Polyphonic Spree. It’s about 3 or 4 years old, but it’s such a unique song- probably their only considerable contribution to pop culture. Another song is “Make Me Better” by Fabolous featuring Ne-Yo. Ne-Yo has the best hook on this song, which is about a guy basically saying a he’s a better person because of this woman. Popular song over hear, so you might of heard it, i don’t know.

  4. I’ve got nothing!  Can’t think of one fanciful, funny, ridiculous name for the newbie Ipod.  Sad shape my wit is in today.  Sounds like a fun birthday.  Have a good night tonight at the movies!  :)  M

  5. You’re lucky you’re ahead. We have to wait for HP a day more.BAH.I wish I could get an i pod nano or something newer. But not only am I too lazy to dump my Ipod and have to add an entire library, I don’t want to pay.Thanks for your comments. I think I will address him about his possible social anxiety. I don’t want to change him, but I think if there are people like you who found love, and seeing him, I know he wants it but always pulls back, communication maybe the best.Plus I just realized today, I can’t do “normal” either after my date with a “normal” guy. And I’d rather much have text message dumper.

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