The ‘I have nothing of substance to say’ xlog.

When myself and The Blokey got hitched last October I was so incredibly excited and nervous that eating any of the buffet laid on by the hotel was an absolute no-no.  This was a shame because we paid somewhere in the region of eighteen quid a head and it was dead posh [unlike my grammar].  So when my cousin got married last Friday in The Hamptons I made full use of the buffet facilities.  It seemed the right thing to do.  Especially when it became apparent that they’d stolen our first dance song, Chasing Cars

How very dare they.

I know, it was silly of us to choose a song which would become the next Truly, Madly, Deeply, but really!  It’s only nine and a half months since we danced [I say danced, but dance?  Me? It was more of a shuffle] to it at our wedding reception.  Pffft. 

So we took some silly pictures with the disposable cameras.  Silly pictures are always good.  Unless they’re of toy frogs which crop up in almost every picture from one camera.  As happened with one of our disposables. 


Ack, I hate this weather.  And so does Tabatha-Cat.  We would like the weather gods to take note of our request to turn the thermostat down … some more rain [or even a thunderstorm] would be nice, ta.

please God bless this inconsequential xlog xxx Elsabeth


  1. I don’t think that any bride really remembers eating anything at her own reception… RYN: I don’t think it is necessarily a good thing! I like hanging out with his sisters, too and I’m upset that I’m stuck at home in this heat while they have an air-conditioned rental cottage at their disposal and the ocean to dip into and the boardwalk to walk (and people-watch on!)! It is nice to have a break from K’s mad everyone-must-be-accomplishing-something-at-all-times mood, but I don’t need a whole week of a break! Besides, he was to stop at the store on the way home tomorrow and pick up some things and now I have to do this and wah!!!

  2. Yeah, when I first read that I thought, “She’s in the US…and I didn’t KNOW about it?!”  But then I thought I remembered you all have a Hamptons of your very own and I calmed down a little.

  3. Snarky would be testy, sarcastic, snide, etc.  Recently Dane Cook had a comedy special, in which he talks about getting sneezed on in an airport, then saying “God Bless You” to the guy, only to have him just give him a look and say “yeah, i’m an atheist.”  He then goes on to say how the guy was so snarky.  So there ya go lol

  4. RYN: Do you think? Unfortunately, he isn’t very good at keeping focus on what he is angry about and tends to take it out on the entire rest of the world. (at least that’s what I’m thinking) He even set up a bed for himself in the computer room because he says he doesn’t want to even look at me…

  5. Even I thought you were in the States when I read ‘The Hamptons’ – the whopping big ‘Stars and Stripes’ probably didn’t help by implanting the US in my mind! You should take your cousin’s choice of music as a huge compliment to how perfectly orchestrated your wedding was. Talking of weddings, my brother is getting married next year and I’m dreading him asking me to be his best man.Thanks for pointing out the typo and not the horribly written first paragraph! And yes, I do know Hatherton Road. The question is…how do YOU know it?

  6. Sometimes I hate computers…I wasn’t finished! Grr. Anyway, you’re the second reader of my blog who has a family connection to Walsall. That is SO strange!

  7. Your brother knows holeinyoursoul and rockster? Okay, that is seriously freaky. It’s like we’re all connected for some pivotol, world changing purpose. Or it could be a coincidence. Or you, holeinyoursoul and rockster are all the same person and you’re playing with my mind…

  8. Our weather is the pits too. The air is hot and polluted. It’s like living in a dystopian future without a proper atmosphere.Are you going to see “Stardust” when it comes to theater there? It’s made by Neil Gaiman, a British Import. And he’s also made an awesome Beowulf movie that I can’t wait to see. I love Beowulf- ever since 11th grade. Talk to you later.

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