How has your family background influenced the way you see the world?

What is this Featured Question malarkey?  What is the point of it?  Is it something to do with The Great Global Public having no imagination and a need for inspiration?  Or is it just a phase that will run its course in due time? 

*pats Xanga on the head in patronising manner*

I don’t buy into all the extra crap that Xanga spews forth.  I love Xanga muchly, but it’s the simple and basic Xanga of old that is my lover.  Sod the themes, the friends, the dashboard, the pulse and the locks.  I like simplicity and uncluttered-ness [despite what my house might tell you … ].  Why [oh-why] do the folk here feel the need to try to convince me to modernise my Xanga every time I visit my Look & Feel page [which obviously I do muchly because I’m a Xanga Whore], when they can’t even make sure that the spell-check is set to English-English not American-English, despite the number of times I reset it? 


However, I am a bit hypocritical by nature and therefore feel a sudden desire need to answer this most recent Featured Question.  This is mainly due to the fact that I was reading some of the entries and was absolutely appalled by the lack of thought and imagination that goes into some responses.  My most favourite include …

Definitely [how does that answer the question?]; Oh, certainly not! [wtf?]; I don’t know; I’ll edit this later; Everyone’s family has.Duh.Kids don’t raise themselves [I note a lack of spaces in that one]. 

So, now you’re probably gagging for my response, yes?  Oh, I shan’t disappoint you.  Well, I might …

By rights I should be a man-hating, God-loving, Tory-bashing, teetotal, argumentative, f.ucked up self-harmer, with a need to find affection and love through sex with strangers.  I should have trust issues [mainly with men] and should be aware of how vulnerable it makes me look by turning on the waterworks.  I should never have the fear of losing an argument and should know that making it slightly physical can work to my advantage.  The use of the word Fine! along with a look of pure contempt is a woman’s best line of attack.

However, I am none of the above.  Except I am argumentative.  And I do all the womanly emotional bits. 

[Oh my God, you’ve started your period haven’t you?]

In reality I understand why a single mother shouldn’t be made to work. I know the value of money. I recognise the need for sibling rivalry.  I know that love and nurture can make all the bad things in the life of a child seem far away and that true love is unconditional.  I understand that it’s sometimes best not to talk about things that don’t matter because hurt is more painful than love and happiness more important than tears.  I know that arguments must always be followed by hugs and that the people who love you are never more than a phone call or email away.  I accept that everybody is a unique individual and that nobody can judge others when they don’t know the full facts. 

I know right from wrong, up from down and how to tie my shoelaces. 

I also know that I should wear clean knickers everyday because it’s hygienic.  And that I should eat all the food on my plate because if I don’t some poor child somewhere over there *randomly waves hand about in direction of another country* will starve.

please God bless me for sinning and answering a Featured Question xxx Elsabeth

I just answered this Featured Question, you can answer it too!


  1. Well if you ever start feeling the need for validation through sex with strangers, ring me up. (a joke) Just caught sight of your currently listening to and saw the Jesus and Marcy Chain. Not a bad little band that bombed out the time I saw them on (oh I am old) Lolapalooza ’92. Not sure the stood a chance with the audience trying to get them to scream “I wanna die like Jesus Christ, I wanna die like JFK” didn’t work not the former was an issue however living in Kenedy Country as I do the latter was not well recieved.

  2. yeah, i’m with you on the “i don’t care for all the bells and whistles they are throwing at me when some of the old ones that should work, don’t work all the time.” especially when i did try, i swear i did, to use xanga themes, and all of my web browsers declared it a waste of my time, by not cooperating. yes, they are shiny, but they are not made for me, of that i am sure.i guess it’s good that they’re trying something other than “what’s your favorite color and why” for the featured question, but still.

  3. I liked your answer and I think you are forgiven for the sin of it all! 
    ryc:  No, I did not (voluntarily at least) enter the water gun fighting in my nightie.  The gun of my youngest did appear in the house with water (gigantic no no) and I was sprayed as I wrested it away from her iron grip!  :)  M

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