Emetophobia [the eugh xlog].

Phobias are bizarre things.  One [a spider] comes along to smack you in the face and within hours another rears its ugly head and makes for a very anxious beginning to the week.  I don’t think I suffer from too many irrational fears.  But then I also don’t really believe that it is irrational to fear something that can harm you … if it can harm you doesn’t it become rational?  Which means that a phobia stops being a phobia if by its very definition it means an irrational, persistent, uncontrollable fear of something, and that something turns out to be something that is capable of harming you – surely?

I’m [therefore un-]phobic when it comes to [most] spiders because they are evil and vicious creatures who can maim with one look from many eyes. Lorries can kill and the only thing that can stop them from getting all deadly is the screwing up of the face and the whispering of don’t overtake, don’t overtake, don’t overtake, whilst the heart thuds loudly and the fingers dig in painfully, and the car being driven – by whoever – overtakes the big evil lorry.  Aeroplanes can fall out of the sky when the invisible string holding them up snaps in half.  People can be vindictive and judgemental and want to do bad things to me, and even want to look at me and talk to me.

They’re all rational fears, yes?  Therefore, not phobias.

However, I do have another [mild-]phobia.  And it’s one that – I agree – is irrational, but it’s only irrational because I don’t understand it.  And it isn’t something that usually bothers me until it happens near me, or to me, or is close to happening. 


The fear of vomit/ing.  Apparently it’s about number six in the Top Ten of Phobic Things.  But ssshhh!, nobody ever talks about it because admitting you have even a mild form of it makes you a freak.  When I was an ickle nipper I feared vomiting so much that I would burst into tears, put my hand over my mouth to stop myself vomiting and then be terribly surprised when it squirted out of my nose instead.  This happened every single time.  You’d think I’d have learnt that it only made the whole experience worse after the first time, but no.  Sheesh.  These days [I say these days but I haven’t been physically sick since the October of 2002, and that was (possibly) due to food poisoning at Butlins, and there are only two other occasions in the last fifteen years when I have been physically sick] I don’t put my hand over my mouth but I do everything I possibly can to stop myself being physically sick.  And I still cry when I’m feeling nauseous.  Lots.  Because nausea can lead to vomiting and there is nothing worse than vomiting.

People being sick freaks me out as much as me being sick.  The Blokey being sick nearly freaks me out even more than me being sick.  And yes, The Blokey has seemingly picked up some bug from somewhere and has spent the last few hours throwing up.  Our toilet has finally been vomit-christened.  Lucky thing!  So for the last twenty-four hours I have been irrationally panicking, irrationally disliking him for making me panic, irrationally feeling nauseous myself, irrationally equating every feeling of wrongness in my belly with being sick, irrationally believing that every time he opens his mouth he’s going to vomit all over me, irrationally thinking that vomit does mean death, irrationally not wanting him to share my bed, irrationally keeping the bedroom window open because it takes away all the nasty germs …

And if I am physically sick in the next twenty-four hours I am very-rationally going to blame him. 

I took Mumsy to the Land of Jason so that we could dance on the slabs of stone under which interred bodies lay in a pretty cathedral … but even that didn’t stop the [mild-]Emetophobia, which just dug away at me … making me feel sick. 


You didn’t really want to know any of that, did you?

please God, don’t let me vomit xxx Elsabeth

[i’m lucky, my emetophobia is a very mild form and it doesn’t consume my every waking hour as it does with the most-hardened and orthodox of emetophobes, and for this i am truly grateful, but i still wish i didn’t suffer from it. and i hate the way that orthodox and hardened emetophobes believe that those who only suffer mildly don’t really suffer from it … grrr]


  1. My niece, the naughty one, freaks out with vomiting as well.  She did horrible when the babies spit up.  She’s better with that, but sick vomit totally freaks her out.

  2. do you freak out more when another person is vomiting than if the person is just being sick? i think i have “public restrooms”-phobia or something. i will not go into them becasuse i think they’re all dirty and gross to me unless i’m about to die, my kidneys are about to explode and i’m far away from home or a friend’s home.

  3. i hate vomiting too – especially the part when your stomach independently heaves and clences and forces stuff to come out from your belly up your throat out your mouth. i vomit most time i get migraine. which is like, double phobic thing for me: migraine and vomitting.

  4. Geniophobia- Fear of chinsha haha ha ahaI was actually looking up Haemophobia, aka Blood Phobia, aka the fear of blood. The consequence of my Haemophobia is a condition called Vasovagal syncope. That’s fainting. When I faint, I hit my head (unless I’m in the cinema, where I’m more likely to just flop in the chair). Luckily for me, I know the signs of an attack and I manage to control it with heavy breathing and mind-games. Weird huh.What to do about my fear of chins? God knows…

  5. I’m scared of vomiting too: but less scared, because, the last time I was sick, it was nasty, but short lived.
    Which is good.  I’m going to India.  I’m ridiculously worried about the effect this will have on my digestion….

  6. I can’t say I enjoy being but certainly not a phobia. I’d say my worst irrational fear is of flies. Unless you’re in deepest darkes asia or africa they can’t really do a great deal of harm yet when one come near me I flap like a drug crazed looney being chased by dragons.

  7. That’s a nasty phobia to have. I’ll have to remember not to tell you the story of me being barred for life from a bar…you wouldn’t like it. And RYC: how do you break earphones? By treading on them, that’s how. But I have a brand-spanking (strange saying that) new pair so I’m happy.

  8. Eugh. I know that fear. I have an intense dislike of other people being sick (in case it ends up on me or with me having to clear it up) and I also get very scared when I’m sick because I feel like I can’t breathe. I think it’s a very rational fear actually – sick spreads germs and you can choke on it – very good reasons to steer clear of all kinds of sickness! So yeah, that makes you normal, in my eyes anyway!!

  9. I’m astonished that you could bet against England. Tsk! :-pFor the record, Germany WERE winning at half-time, England scored in the 9th minute Germany scored in the 26th and 40th minute. Half time occurs once 45mins are up. Anyway, you couldn’t have looked very hard, I found out within thirty seconds of reading your post :-phttp://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/internationals/results/default.stm

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