To remain young while growing old is the highest blessing.

Today we took my MiL to an antique and collectibles fair in the Quaint Historic Market Town where we used to live.  I love antique fairs, but we haven’t been to one for yonks.  I love oo-ing and ahh-ing at all the gorgeous junk that these places thrust into my line of vision. 

There can be something quite magical about wandering around immersing yourself in the history of other folk.  Once upon a time a child played with that doll, and a woman powdered her nose whilst sitting on a train with that compact, and some elderly chap lovingly wound up that grandfather clock … and oooh, nana had that tea set and look how much they’re selling it for! 

There are two items that I particularly look for whilst poking around stalls, shying away from talkative stall-holders [who tend to be late middle-aged women with a passion for not letting you get away] and getting narked when the talkative stall-holders are talking to other folk and ignoring me.  Firstly I look for perfume/scent bottles that are reasonably priced, and secondly I’m always on the lookout for children’s books. 

Today there were no children’s books.  But!  There were four perfume/scent bottles that were not ridiculously priced. 

So I bought them.  And now my collection stands at around the fifty mark.  Not bad. 

Of course, having spent not very much money on four perfume/scent bottles it was only fair that we bought something that cost copious amounts of cash [well, £150, which is copious amounts if you’re not used to spending that much in one go], something that we had no intention of buying, and didn’t really need.  And ok, so it’s something that’s not in tippity-toppity condition, but that just adds character.   And it’s cute.  And yummy. 

And being a Victorian pine chest of drawers [with central mother of pearl decoration on the handles, just so you know] it will go beautifully with all our modern [mainly-] IKEA furniture.  Huzzah!  

I know I’m getting old because it excites me muchly.  Even the thought of getting my new carpet washer thingy excites me muchly.  If The Blokey hadn’t agreed to buy me one [because my carpets really do need a bloody good shampoo] when I kept whinging at him to do so, I think I may very well have asked for one for Christmas.  And that’s a sure sign that I’m getting old.


Now I feel the need to go and do something young and exciting in order to balance myself out a bit.  I think I might start by opening a bottle of wine …

please God bless the [probably dead] woman who previously owned that delightful 1920s scent bottle, made to look like a lipstick, which is very yummy and nice xxx Elsabeth


  1. oooh yay for new goodies… don’t feel old… it is a sign of youth that you can get excited over purchases… no matter what the purchases may or may not be. ;)

  2. I agree, getting excited over pretty much anything is a sign of youth. RYC: You are right…I didn’t single you out because you live SOOOOO far away and I know you hate flying and that would be a lot of money to shell out just for five days. I obviously thought of you when I was thinking of people to invite. I just didn’t think it would be feasible. Of course I’d love for you to be there. It would make me squee with happiness. And it’s during your summer break so you wouldn’t have to worry about that.

  3. fifty perfume bottles, eh. not to be sniffed at.ha ha ahhaha ahai’m going to finish the bottle of rose-eh that was left over from richard’s visit. poor mum. she must have wondered where we’d gone…i felt like a teenager againah ha hahahhah hahme x

  4. I want pictures too.  Can it be done?  Now, I love an antique sale myself and wish I could have seen yours.  I keep my eye out for orange dishes, preferably checked orange and white with a thin blue or black line adding character, made in, you guessed it, Japan.  Of course these are a once in a million but I get SUPER excited when I find one.  The perfume bottle like a lipstick sounds intriguing!  What fun.  I also get excited about my once yearly birthday (hmmm. . deep) present of carpet cleaning.  By October these things are DISGUSTING.  Very exciting.  Perhaps we are old but I’m liking it, so oh well.  :)  M

  5. when i feel old i take out my dentures, give them a good thorough cleaning and presto! i’m young again and raring to go! its the simple things in life …

  6. You’re lucky. America is fairly young so we never find good antiques at the markets.
    Better than antiquing is furnishing your place entirely from free furniture from Craig’s list. I’ve never done that but I needed to get rid of furniture and no one wanted it for even $50 for a $200 dresser so I put it up for free and in five mintues, I got back 100 responses.

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